September 2019 - Farriers’ Fix Hoof Oil & Equine Flavor Fix
Written by CRM
Saturday, 31 August 2019 21:38
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Two new products help horses.

Farriers’ Fix Hoof Oil was developed by a farrier to draw out soreness and toughen horses’ hooves. It is an all natural therapeutic product that is effective in treating many basic foot problems, including: sore feet, feet that are too hard and brittle, feet that are too soft, thrush, quarter cracks, laminitis and white line disease. In many cases, horses suffering from stone bruises or trimmed too short, are rideable the next day.


Farriers’ Fix Hoof Oil has been incredibly successful on thin-soled horses like Thoroughbreds, and barefoot horses, whose feet easily get sore. Regular use helps maintain a healthy hoof and can help shoes stay on longer. It makes an ideal treatment for horses that are jumping and working on adverse surfaces. Farriers’ Fix can be used on the entire hoof from the coronary band to the sole and frog.



The all-natural ingredients in Farriers’ Fix balance the moisture content and allow the hoof to breathe, which is essential for a healthy hoof.  It contains no petroleum or lacquer. Farriers’ Fix is made with only high quality, natural ingredients that provide vitamins A, D & E – all essential for good quality hooves. There are no fillers in this hoof oil, each ingredient used serves a specific purpose.

Primary ingredients include: Venice Turpentine; Cod Liver Oil; Wintergreen Oil; and Safflower Oil

Competitors can also be assured that Farriers’ Fix Hoof Oil has tested negative under FEI guidelines.

Equine Flavor Fix

Equine Flavor Fix is specially formulated to make medications and feed supplements taste better – without adding extra sugar.

And it’s great to add to water for horses that are fussy about the taste when travelling or do not drink enough at home.

Flavor Fix has proved to be a terrific product for horses ranging from Retired horses to FEI competitors. Its unique taste takes the trouble out of feeding your picky eater.  


  • All natural ingredients!
  • No more messy liquid!
  • Allows you to measure a consistent amount of a shelf-stable powder.
  • Low sugar:  You do not have to worry about using “too much.”  Because our process uses dried ingredients rather than high-fructose liquid syrups.
  • Less than 3 grams of sugar per scoop!
  • In compliance with FEI rules.

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