October 2019 - Next Level Win
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Tuesday, 01 October 2019 02:37
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Rosemary Bilson wins the inaugural LAHJA Mary Jane Watson Medal Final.

The Gold Coast Labor Day Horse Show (Aug. 30-Sept. 1) hosted the inaugural LAHJA Mary Jane Watson Medal Final presented by Calabasas Saddlery. Twelve-year-old Rosemary Bilson aboard Dealmaker sealed the deal in her first medal final appearance. “My goal was to have two consistent rounds and work on having a good pace,” Rosemary explained. “I wanted to keep my horse listening to me and in front of my leg.” This final was held in the past by the Tri-Valley Horse Shows Association.



In the first round of the final, Kate Boyd (Elvenstar, trainer) earned the blue ribbon with Elvenstar’s Clic Clac and Rosemary earned second. Rosemary clinched the second round and the championship. “It was really exciting because this was my first medal final win,” she said. “Everyone from my barn was so supportive. I want to thank Stephanie, Steve, Chelsea, and of course, my family. It was great to see all our hard work pay off. I’m so lucky to have Dealmaker as my partner because he takes care of me.”

The medal final is dedicated to Mary Jane Watson and her belief that “Horsemanship Counts.” Rosemary’s win couldn’t be more appropriate as she was last year’s LAHJA Level 1 Horsemastership Competition Champion, mastering her horsemanship knowledge and learning more about her equine partner. “I love being a member of LAHJA.” she added. “It’s a great community where you can be competitive with other riders and learn about horsemanship.”

Rosemary Bilson & Dealmaker. Photo: Kristin Lee Photography

As the champion, Rosemary received a custom cooler from LAHJA, a $150 Calabasas Saddlery gift certificate, and a Nunn Finer bridle. Reserve honors went to Annabelle Steel (Deirdra Davis, trainer) who received a $125 Calabasas Saddlery gift certificate and triple stitch halter, and third place went to Jamie Watson (Elvenstar, trainer) who received a $100 Calabasas Saddlery gift certificate.

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