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Wednesday, 01 January 2020 00:47
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Going the extra stride for sport horse breeding excellence.

With a roster of 10 world class Warmblood stallions, Edgar Schutte’s Eurequine is the go-to for those looking to produce top quality Warmbloods in North America. With their many stallions, Eurequine offers choices to suit a wide range of breeding goals: from those looking to produce an amateur-suitable dressage horse to an Olympic jumper or eventer.

Edgar’s name and impressive track record spans three decades in the North American breeding world. He was raised in Holland and, before moving to the U.S., he raised, trained and competed horses successfully from a young age. His presidency of the American Hanoverian Society is one of many examples of how Edgar is regarded in the breeding world. All those breeding with Eurequine Stallions gain access to Edgar’s considerable expertise and experience.

Fresh Semen For Success

Eurequine’s large selection of quality stallions available for breeding with fresh semen is hard to find elsewhere in North America. All Eurequine fresh semen breeding contracts come with the guarantee of a healthy foal. “This means when you purchase a breeding to a stallion you may ship semen for your mare as many times as needed to achieve a foal without paying for additional breeding,” Edgar explains. This guarantee and return privilege doesn’t stop at achieving conception: it lasts through the first 30 days of the foal’s life.  

These are not options with most frozen semen purchases, in which mare owners often  pay the same amount for a single dose of frozen semen without the guarantee of a foal or return privileges. Often, mares do not do well with frozen semen and need to be managed more intensely to be successful.

Eurequine stallion Utopie “Combina” with Kirsten Coe at Global Champions Tour Hamburg. Photo: Sportfot

“Even in normal cases, it ends up costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars more for veterinary expenses on numerous ultrasounds, uterine flushes and medicines,” Edgar says. “Frozen semen is often only good for six hours from thawing once in the mare. With fresh semen, you have a greater window of breeding opportunity.” Fresh semen, he continues, is usually good up to four days in the mare and therefore does not require the intense veterinary guidance or around-the-clock inseminations. “Most importantly, you have an option to order fresh semen again under the same three-year contract if not successful the first time.”

All of Eurequine’s stallions are available by fresh-cooled semen, a detail that sets the program apart. “I believe we may actually offer the only Olympic jumper and Olympic producer in the USA available daily with fresh semen,” Edgar states.

Donarweiss and Genay Vaughn. Photo: Tamara With The Camara

Catering to the Mare Owner

Commitment to serving the mare owner is a defining pillar of Eurequine. “Service is a big part of the business,” Edgar notes of the necessity of being available to collect and ship semen when a client’s mare is ready – regardless the time of day or night. “That seems logical when you know how much time, effort and money is put into getting the mare ready, but a lot of stallion owners don’t seem to understand it.”

During the breeding season, Eurequine ships semen seven days a week. “Mares don’t recognize holidays or weekends, so during the breeding season, neither do we,” the breeder says. “We ship Fedex overnight for most shipments (average shipping cost is $115) or semen can be sent by airline counter-to-counter on weekends or holidays.  We communicate with the mare owners, lining up logistics with vet and client so that when the mare is ready, we are ready. Efficiency is important when it comes to breeding because there are many variables with getting a foal on the ground. When it comes to our part of the process, we want mare owners to know they can count on us.”

Performance mares, Premium mares (recognized by breed registries), and mares in the Hanoverian Jumper breeding program are rewarded with a discount because proven mares are likely to produce higher quality foals. Breeders with multiple mares as well as mares returning to breed from the prior year also receive a discount. Eurequine ships semen from March through September, but deciding early can pay off in the form of an early booking discount.

Eurequine also has a long-standing offer of a 50 percent discount on breedings to any mare sired by Eurequine’s stallions from the past or present. “We’ve noticed that the quality is significantly better for mares that have our stallions in their bloodlines,” Edgar explains of the special rate’s rationale. “Plus, I know their traits so well, it enables me to really help owners make the best match for their mares.”

Escher during the stallion test. Photo: Patty Wilding

Services by Eurequine

Eurequine is based in Yuba City, California where the stallions enjoy top quality care and ample outdoor time.  Eurequine also works from Woodland Stallion Station near Sacramento, where a full range of breeding services is provided.

In addition to managing the Eurequine stallions, Edgar manages and collects stallions of all breeds.  Eurequine offers teaching outside stallions for semen collection, or they can trailer in for collection on short notice as well as stay long term. Collections and cryopreservation for stallions is offered at very reasonable rates.

Mare management is also available. A veterinarian is available daily to ultrasound and perform other services needed. “Keila Golden and Daren Robbins, who manage and own WSS, are super to work with and always have a place ready for a mare or a stallion that needs to be bred,” Edgar explains. Eurequine also organizes Hanoverian, Rhineland and Oldenburg NA studbook inspections and the very popular freejumping clinics several times a year.

All of the above, however, is icing on the cake of Eurequine’s most distinguishing characteristic: the quality of its stallions. These include established names as well as developing stallions. Famous names grace Eurequine’s superstar line-up: Olympic producer Landkonig by Landadel; Rubignon, Swedish Team horse and international Grand Prix producer by Rubenstein I; Wild Dance, by Wolkenstein II; and Olympian Relevantus, aka “Zorro,” by Rabino.

Newcomers include Lord Adonis by Lordanos; Don Roncalli, by Donnerhall; and Dubarry, a tall and very ridable, fancy progenitor from Don Frederico, who, himself, was ranked the #5 producing dressage sire in the world last year. The youngest rising star is Escher DFEN, by the famous late stallion Escudo II. He joined Eurequine a year ago, as did Donarweiss, another proven Grand Prix producer by De Niro.   

The most recent addition, International Grand Prix jumper and proven producer Utopie, aka “Combina,” joined the line-up for 2020.

Utopie. Photo: Sportfot

Utopie, aka “Combina”

“We are excited to announce that our newest stallion, Utopie, has also been awarded a lifetime breeding license and full approval by the AHS for Hanoverian and Rhineland breeding in the U.S. and abroad, and has been accepted into the AHS jumper breeding program,” Edgar shares of the KWPN jumping sire star. “It is remarkable when a stallion receives scores of 8s for front and hind legs even after an extensive Grand Prix career. Utopie was also awarded a conformation score of 8 and even higher for some of his movement and overall impression as he is a lighter type with a fantastic canter.”

Utopie has jumping talent on both sides of his family. Sire Jacomar celebrated great success with Mac Houtzager and is one of the top earning Dutch stallions in sport. His dam, Pherna, scored 9 and 8.5 for her jumping on her IBOP and has made her international debut. This line has produced many Z-jumpers, including grandmother Cerna, who had five brothers and sisters jumping at the same level. Utopie has produced multiple Ster, Keur, Elite and 2nd and 3rd round stallion testing offspring.

Utopie’s approval with multiple Warmblood registries allows mare owners more options when choosing foal registration. “With his performance record and current approvals, he can have foals registered with just about all major Warmblood breed societies,” Edgar reports.  “His type and rich performance pedigree will now be available to even more mares to produce typey top performance horses as he has already proven to do. Currently 27.9% of his offspring are being shown at 1.3M and above with several placing in the biggest 1.6M Grand Prix in the U.S. and Europe. This earned him sixth place in the world for KWPN last year based on number of offspring and their performance.”

Escher: Emerging Young Stallion

On Eurequine’s roster for a year now, Escher is another new sire Edgar is especially excited about. Escher has successfully completed year-one of the Stallion Sport Test and will return next year for his final test and lifetime breeding license.

Passing this first test is another successful step in earning his lifetime license and caps what Edgar describes as a “great busy breeding year, especially for a new stallion.”

The 16.2hh Hanoverian stallion epitomizes the modern type of sport horse. “He is a smooth, correct and very balanced young horse,” Edgar explains. “He is a source of Thoroughbred blood for breeders looking to add that increasingly important element to their breeding programs.”

In 2018, Escher was the only 3-year-old North American stallion licensed by the American Hanoverian Society. He is licensed to produce registered Hanoverian and Rhineland foals and was presented to several other registries at his 2019 North American Stallion Sporthorse Test this past fall at Pollyrich Farm in the Santa Ynez Valley.


It’s a continuation of an auspicious start of terrific scores during his licensing, starting with a 9 for “type and masculinity.” He also scored a 9 for neck and 8s for saddle position, frame, foreleg, conformation and, importantly, canter, jumping ability and overall impression. One Hanoverian judge commented that Escher was a stallion he would use in his own program, Edgar relays. Escher is a natural choice for the jumper mare, especially for those who would like to continue a desirable type. Both of Escher’s parents are in the American Hanoverian Breeding Society’s Jumper Breeding Program.

He is by the legendary stallion Escudo II, who maintained the highest riding type of Hanoverians worldwide for eight consecutive years. Escher’s genetics combine the multi talent, strong top line and beauty of Escudo II with similar traits in addition to lightness and legginess from the dam side. Escher’s dam is the outstanding Thoroughbred mare Apt to Please, by Pleasant Tap. She was a winner of her AHS Inspection, and completed her Mare Performance Test, easily earning entry into the Jumper Breeding Program.

Donarweiss: Grand Prix Dressage Star Available for Breeding Again

Although a very familiar name, Donarweiss is another relatively new star in the Eurequine line-up. In his first year back in the breeding shed, after an illustrious Grand Prix career, Donarweiss resumes a breeding career launched with impressive results and confirmed with excellent performance.

He was champion of his 30-Day Test with an overall score of 8.33. His versatility was showcased with individual scores of 9 for rideability and jumping technique. In his first season of FEI, Donarweiss was ranked first for the AHS/USDF Hanoverian All-Breeds Awards. In 2009, Donarweiss won the USDF Region 8 Prix St. Georges Championships. The following season he finished second in the AHS/USDF Hanoverian All-Breeds Awards and 11th in the nation for Intermediaire II with scores as high as 72%.

Purchased by Starr Vaughn Equestrian in late 2011, Donarweiss and Genay Vaughn qualified just a few months later for the U.S. National Championships, where they finished third. Later that season they won the Team Silver Medal at the NAYRC. In 2013, the pair qualified for the Brentina Cup National Championships and won the Region 7 USDF Championships for Intermediaire II Jr/Yr.

Donarweiss’s sire, De Niro, was Reserve Champion of his performance test with a score of 141.93. De Niro had a wonderful sport career with over 24 wins at S-Level and has sired 108 States Premium mares, 25 approved sons, and numerous FEI level competitors earning him the top spot on the 2012 WBFSH Dressage Sire Ranking List.

Zorro at the Olympics – Mexican team, with rider Federico Fernandez. Photo: ©Bob Langrish 2008

Donarweiss’s damsire, Hohenstein, was Reserve Champion of his Stallion Performance Test. Further back in Donarweiss’s pedigree is Archipel, a son of the 1994 Hanoverian Stallion of the Year Argentan, which brings additional scope and jumping ability. With the quality and depth of his pedigree and great character and rideability, it is no surprise that multiple Donarweiss offspring are going up the levels with amateurs and professionals and several are already showing at Grand Prix.

Adding these new stallions to what is already a remarkable roster of ability, talent and temperament reflects Eurequine’s commitment to offering clients the best of everything, from valuable advice on their stallion choice to at-the-ready follow through on every step that follows. Altogether, that makes the program poised to continue as a go-to for breeders with high quality breeding interests, services and activities far into the future.

For early booking discounts, stallion or breeding services feel free to call or e-mail Edgar Schutte at 916-203-2247 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . For more information, visit www.eurequine.com.