February 2020 - Huntridge, LLC
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Saturday, 01 February 2020 21:56
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Halie Robinson sets professional roots in her Santa Barbara hometown.

With professional Halie Robinson at the helm, Huntridge LLC is thrilled to have officially opened its doors. Nestled on 60 acres within view of the Pacific Ocean and amongst vineyards and mountains, Robinson’s Huntridge boasts both a picturesque location as well as boutique training, sales and horse care services as its new owner aims to maximize personalized attention for clients.


Familiar to West Coasters as a star Elvenstar junior rider and winner of the 2017 USET Talent Search West finals, the young professional’s resume also includes experience across two continents.


Halie Robinson has seen success in the jumpers, hunters and equitation. Photo: Captured Moment Photography

“It’s a great story behind how this all came to be,” says Halie. “Over the years I had been working for a number of different operations in the United States and Europe to build my network and learn. Over the summer, I was working for Dave Belford of New Hope Farm out east during the time that Alanna Snowden and I got connected. She had been looking to pass the baton with her business, then called Gracelynd Hill, and that’s when I decided it was time to go back home to California. We started the transition in early fall and it has been so wonderful since then. Alanna managed a very well-run and service-oriented farm and I hope that I can carry the torch in that same way. It was such an honor for her to trust me to be her successor, and I am so grateful for the opportunity.”

A lifelong student of the sport, Halie has worked for and alongside notable industry names such as Jim Hagman and John Bijlard of Elvenstar Farm, Belford’s New Hope Farm and Chris and Whitney Sorensen of Sorensen Stables -- collectively for more than a decade. Throughout her time working, she also managed to earn her bachelor’s degree in business and psychology from Chapman University in Orange County.

Halie Robinson is the new owner of Huntridge LLC, a high-performance training and sales stable in Santa Barbara, California.

“Halie is an exciting coach and rider for West Coast riders and the industry as a whole. We had the pleasure of meeting Halie when she was trying horses from The Hunt, our Hunter Auction in the Netherlands, and since then we have worked together on many occasions,” note Chris Sorensen, head trainer and owner of Sorensen Stables. “We see Halie as one of the exciting professional talents for the future of our sport, and that is why we are so excited to continue to work together. We feel her talent, combined with special horses, will be a real value and a competitive advantage for her customers.”

Robinson spent time in Europe working with John Bijlard of Elvenstar Farm and Chris and Whitney Sorensen of Sorensen Stables.

With experience across the United States and Europe as well as an established network of top professionals, Halie is uniquely capable of sourcing, training and riding equine athletes. Additionally, she offers a high degree of relatability to students thanks to her long tenure as a competitor herself.

“I am really passionate about my goals as a rider and as a coach, and I truly enjoy helping my students to reach their objectives, as well. It’s been a wonderful change to take on this new role, and I’m looking forward to continuing to learn and grow as both a rider and a trainer,” comments Halie. “I have had a number of great mentors over the years, and I’m excited to take all of that knowledge I’ve acquired and apply it. The remarkable opportunities I’ve been given to work for the best of the best in both the hunter and equitation world, as well as develop my connection with the Sorensens, has really provided me with all the tools I need to take on this new role.”

Robinson has earned top placings in horse shows across the country and has experience sourcing sales horses and prospects in Europe.

Individualized Attention

Though Robinson will be implementing her own new program, she will also maintain the previous owner’s emphasis on high-quality service to encourage success in and out of the ring for her customers.

“I want to be able to offer individualized attention and take on a leadership role with the daily care of the horses. It’s an important part of my philosophy that I can be very involved with my students and very hands-on in order to focus on service and personal attention so that I can be the most beneficial.”

Huntridge has hit the ground running thanks to Halie’s fresh management style, personalized attention and commitment to her customers. Dedicated to quality, she ensures top-of-the-line care for the farm’s remaining previous clients while also inviting new customers to join the Huntridge family.

“I have known Halie since she was just learning to ride as a little kid. It’s exciting to see the dynamics of our roles change as she takes over the management position,” says Alanna. “My goal has always been to keep the clients a priority, and I am so glad that Halie shares in that mentality so that she can continue to provide the best service, care and instruction possible. I’m happy to see the farm go to someone so invested in the sport and I am equally pleased to stay engaged as at-home support during Halie’s travels.”

For more information, please visit www.huntridgellc.com. Article provided by Phelps Media.