February 2020 - W. Charlot Farms
Written by by Sandra Fraser
Saturday, 01 February 2020 22:16
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Producer of premium performance sport horses dominates North American breeding standings.

Augustin Walch grew up in post war Germany, where horses continued to play a major role in society. At the age of 28 he bought his first horse and then ran a successful boarding and breeding business for another 10 years before he moved to Canada. Arriving in 1980 with a select group of elite Hanoverian broodmares and his young family, he set up W. Charlot Farms.


At one time, there were up to 180 horses living on the property, mostly in large herds where the foals could grow balanced and fit, while learning to play and develop. Free roaming mares and foals now run in a herd of 20 and the yearlings and two-year colts are kept separate in large pastures overlooking the Avon River.


The system of raising horses in a natural habitat was and remains the first building block in the foundation of W. Charlot Farms, but the main ingredient for this successful program must be credited to the combining of bloodlines that Augustin Walch has developed. From the beginning, with his foundation Hanoverian mare, Sarabande, and her two daughters, State Premium Mares Sabrina and Sandra, Augustin built the brand of W. Charlot Farms into a North American success story.

Keeping the best of this original small herd’s daughters and granddaughters, breeding them to various select stallions, the first big break came with Walch’s purchase of the young Hanoverian stallion Rio Grande. Along with orchestrating this stallion’s career as both performer and producer, Augustin began to produce a very specific broodmare type.

Augustin then took his Rio daughters and bred them to Hanoverian stallions he purchased for compatibility, such as Futurist and Viva Voltaire. The next step was breeding the outstanding daughters of these stallions. Accolades began to accumulate – national and international wins, championships, world cup qualifiers, and Pan Am medals.  

Photo: Yavuz Photo

Again, Augustin took an important step in the program by adding the renown Cabardino, a Holsteiner stallion purchased for his carefully selected bloodlines, which took his breeding program into stardom. Augustin and his band of prolific mares were instrumental on writing the playbook for Cabardino’s ensuing performance and sire career. Knowing he had a winning hand, Augustin Walch once again added new blood with the 2017 addition of his youngest Champion, Diamo Blue. Diamo’s results as a sire are showing exciting promise as his progeny instantly began to add their names to the W. Charlot Farms’ winners list in prestigious line classes.

Keeping the Best Mares

Keeping the best mares from each generation for himself, and with careful attention to the stallions and bloodlines that blended, Augustin Walch built up a breeding program that has put himself and W. Charlot Farms on the USEF Leading Breeder of Hunters starting in 2004, 16 years ago. From 2004 to 2013, and again from 2016 to 2019, for a total of 14 years, he has held the torch as a leading breeder. His stallions have held top spots on the leading sire lists over the years and currently Cabardino is holding office as USEF Leading Hunter Sire 2017, 2018 and finishing top three in 2019. Today the list of winners carrying the W letter is long and varied.

For over 50 years, Augustin Walch never lost focus of his primary goal – a good looking, exceptional mover, and performer, with a temperament good enough for an amateur to train and enjoy. Augustin Walch has a program that produces champions. With his daughter Inge Walch-Allard at his side as breeding manager for the past 20 years, the decision to make 2020 a new leadership year was a natural fit.

Inge Walch-Allard will be the new boss at W. Charlot Farms, and she is looking forward to fulfilling the role. Knowing Augustin, he will never be too far away to be consulted, but the time has come for him to step down and slow down, travel, spend time with his wife, and visit family. The breeding program at W Charlot Farm will continue and the system remains intact. W. Charlot Farms will continue its legacy in producing premium performance sport horses into the future. And Augustin Walch will never be too far from his beloved mares and foals, carefully watching to see who next could become another Champion.

For more information, visit www.charlotfarm.com.

Breeding Notes

  • Rio Grande, Elite Hanoverian Stallion (Raphael/Windhuk/Pik Koenig)
  • Futurist, Elite Hanoverian Stallion (For Pleasure/Madison/Derwisch)
  • Viva Voltaire, Elite Hanoverian Stallion (Voltaire/Argentinus/Grannus)
  • Cabardino, Approved Holstein Stallion (Carpaccio/Gaspari I /Cor de La Bryere)
  • Diamo Blue, Approved Oldenburg Stallion (Diadaro-Diamant deSemilly/Chacco Blue/Landadel)