March 2020 - Onward & Upward
Written by CRM
Monday, 02 March 2020 20:28
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Farley, Smith-Cook and Temkin earn spots in US Equestrian Eventing 25 Program.

The United States Equestrian Federation’s Eventing 25 Program offers athletes 25 years of age and under access to coaching and mentorship opportunities with Developing and Emerging Coach Leslie Law. Leslie will work within each athlete’s existing program providing guidance and further supporting the continued development of the Eventing High Performance Pathway and Program.


“I look forward to working with the Eventing 25 athletes in a new structure for the program,” Law said. “Instead of holding training sessions, I will be going into each athlete’s home environment to work with them individually, as well as watch them work with their own trainers. The intent is to mirror how Erik Duvander coaches the Elite and Pre-Elite athletes. This is a Pathway system, so when the Eventing 25 athletes progress up the pathway, they will already be working within that system.”


Maddy Temkin & E’Zara. Photo: Kim F. Miller

Area VI riders occupy three spots on the list of 15 hard-working and talented riders that was whittled from a list of 55 applicants: Mia Farley, Kaylawna Smith-Cook and Madison Temkin.

Also on the list is Megan Sykes, a young professional based in Texas much of the year, who rides with the Tamie Smith-led Next Level Eventing.

Area VI Riders

From San Juan Capistano, Mia Farley has been based with and worked with David O’Connor in Virginia for the last few years. In 2019, at just 19, she was reserve champion in her first4*-L, at the Fairhill CCI, with BGS Firecracker, and won her second USEA National Eventing Young Rider Championship.

Kaylawna Smith Cook & Passepartou. Photo: Kim F. Miller

Kaylawna Smith-Cook also had a terrific year, with a win in the Woodside International’s CCI3*-S as a highlight aboard Passepartout. Smith works with her mom, Tamie Smith, and maintains her own growing training business in Temecula.

Madison Kate Temkin of Sebastabol stays on the Eventing 25 list for a second year, brings North American Young Rider Championship medals to the task and continues to be a much-admired rising talent in the West.

Mia Farley. Photo: Louisa Emerick