February 2021 - Rainbow Equus Meadows
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Tuesday, 02 February 2021 21:29
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Elite Hanoverian & Oldenburg NA breeding program builds on 33 years of expertise & integrity in producing superior horses for appropriate partners.

Thirty three years ago in a town of approximately 4,700 people, Susan Worthington, with her children and 21 horses, six dogs, six cats and a monkey, purchased a cattle and hay farm and named it Rainbow Equus Meadows. “With God’s guidance and blessings, determination, dedication and hard work, my childhood dream of a beautiful and successful horse breeding farm, with white fences and green meadows, became a reality,” Susan explains.

Rainbow Equus Meadows is located on 113 acres just outside the famous historic town of Lincoln, now almost 570,000 in population.

Susan began riding at three months old, in 1947, on her Grandpa Henning’s Calabasas farm. She began breeding horses in 1961 in Southern California and is now in her 60th year of helping breeders “perfect the enormous responsibility of bringing new equine life into the world.” Along with equine nutrition, mare reproduction and stallion handling education from three universities, her hands-on experience of artificially inseminating and foaling out over 400 mares, raising and training the foals, collecting the stallions and showing horses for 62 years has given her a “priceless wisdom, humbly keeping in mind God gave it all!”

Rainbow Equus Meadows’ quest is always to improve important qualities in each new foal: “good character, perfect conformation and athletic ability,” she continues. “When Rainbow purchased our first stallion, Kalypso, a handsome Hanoverian, he set the bar high for the wonderful qualities for the next 14 stallions that Rainbow was blessed to purchase.  

In addition to standing sires Landkönig, Relevantus and Wild Dance, Susan offers imported natural health products, senior boarding and for-sale riding horses.  

Susan’s three natural health products are Immunall, Muscle and Joint Restore and Ty-4-Up: they address breeding efficiently, higher performance and muscle restoration.

Large, lush pastures allow Rainbow horses a healthy natural environment to live and grow.

Unique Amenities

Through labors of love, necessity and creativity, Susan began uniquely developing equine amenities to enrich the growth and development of Rainbow Equus Meadows. In Rainbow’s busiest year, 24 foals arrived. “That was a lot, and 15 foals a year seemed to be a perfect number that my daughter, Susie, my son Calvin and I could joyfully manage, personally handle and train.”

Susan recently opened her farm to a small number of boarders, carefully selected for a “no drama” mentality, being older and “who truly love their beloved horses,” Susan says. “Rainbow enjoys our fun mature boarders and there is room for more.” The breeding, boarding and training facility has much to offer.

Garnishing his second Futurity Championship, Royal Truths Legacy R by Rubignon/Kalypso

Susan became “inspired to allow my artistic abilities to flow into construction of a 19-stall barn, breeding stocks, mare breeding laboratory, multiple tack rooms, three full guest rooms for foal watcher and interns.”

Connected to the mare barn is the “play pen,” a 90’ by 100’ covered arena with a 30’, second story viewing stand. This is the perfect area to ride the youngsters after they are started in the adjacent 50’ round corral, she explains. The next training area, also for pleasure riding, is the 111’ by 175’ vinyl fenced outdoor arena with an ideal footing of tiny rubber pellets and sand. “It has no dust and is perfect on the horses’ legs.”

For variety, a versatile 100’ by 300’ indoor arena overlooking an acre pond with cranes, ducks and geese is great for hot summers or winter rain riding. “I call it the Saint Iron Horse Palace and it has hosted multiple riding clinics, 27 years of ISR/Oldenburg and Hanoverian inspections and enjoyment for my boarders and guests.  There is also an indoor 40’ by 140’ permanent free jumping chute to be used for training the young equines and during inspections and clinics.

“Rainbow has enjoyed 33 years teaching students, 4-H groups, hosting breeding seminars, riding clinics, holistic equine clinics and helping others to share what we have been blessed with.”

The arenas are available for rent to clinicians wishing to host their own clinics at Rainbow. There is unlimited parking, 16 portable stalls and eight 16’ by 30’ indoor paddocks that horse owners and participants may use during the events.

“After consulting 20 years ago with Sue McDonnald at Texas A&M University, I designed and built a unique, attractive but very functional 50’ by 100’ stallion barn with three 20’ by 20’ stalls with tall vinyl fenced, large attached paddocks.”

The 50’ by 50’ stallion collection room with phantom and breeding stocks, where Susan does the artificial insemination on outside mares, is conveniently located next to the stallion laboratory for semen processing. An upstairs gorgeous natural pine living quarters sports 360-degree windows to view horses peacefully grazing.

A 70’ Balebro carousel was imported from Europe. It is computerized so Susan can program a walk or trot for any speed or duration, and changes of direction. It has optimal footing for exercise. Another essential convenience is technology created by NASA to help with soft tissue repair and bone density. “We asked my friends at Vita Floor to install their equipment in a 12’ by 12’ room in the barn, where a horse or rider can enjoy the healing powers.”

The many hours spent talking mare owners through every stage of the breeding process are as important to Susan as they are enjoyable. Rainbow Equus Meadows touts three stallions: Lankönig, Wild Dance and Relevantus.

Susan has a soft spot for first-time breeders. “I find their devotion and sincerity so refreshing.” Beginners benefit the most from Susan’s lifetime of experience and knowledge. Like most breeders, help with matchmaking between stallion, mare and the owner’s hopes is a standard service. What’s different is how personalized Susan’s process is. “I want to know your mare’s strengths and weaknesses, your goals, intended discipline, etc. I have really learned to enjoy and individualize this step and watch the successful results.

“With almost every foal that was born in the last year, I would consider their owners to have become friends, not just acquaintances or clients.”

Susan’s sincere way with breeding clients becomes focused efficiency when it’s time to deliver whatever they’ve decided on. “It’s our goal to deliver the best and most expedient service for you and your mares,” she explains. “Efficiency and economy are high priorities for our breeding clients and the stallions currently have a 76-81% first cycle conception rate. This is well above the national average mostly due to my imported breeding enhancement supplement, Immunall.”

Elite mare candidate PlutocratR by Pablito and her Rubignon filly Resilient Velvet R handled by Susan at the 2020 Hanoverian Inspection.

The Stallions

Landkönig: “The granddaddy” of the farm, 16.3hh elite Hanoverian stallion completed his 100-day test at Adelheidsdorf as a 3-year-old and was seventh out of 50 with 118.10 points overall and a 9.5 for stadium jumping, 8s for willingness to work, character, temperament and the walk. Overall balanced on his jumping and rideability scores.

Landkönig has produced, from his first foal crop, a licensed Hanoverian stallion son and in 2002 broke the record for producing the highest selling jumper ever in the history at the Hanoverian Elite auctions in Germany. Lantinus, a 4-year-old gelding, sold for Euro 215,000, also setting the record price for the Hanoverian auction year, something never done by a jumper.

He is an especially good fit for Thoroughbred and other lighter bodied mares, Susan explains. He adds a good hoof, nice bone quality, strong hindquarters and, approximately “87% of the time,” brings the chrome stockings and blazes enjoyed by hunter breeders.

Wild Dance: This 16.2 hh Hanoverian dressage competitor has many wins and placings and already multiple offspring competing at the Grand Prix level. He won his 100-day stallion test in Germany with over 140 points; and earned over 147 points in dressage/rideability. Although he is a fantastic mover, he also received a 9 on jumping. Wild Dance is by one of the best Weltmeyer sons, Wolkenstein II, out of a States Premium mare by Matcho AA, Susan explains. This bloodline combination has proven exceptional. Leoni Bramall and Hubertus Schmidt both publicly stated that Wild Dance has an exceptional temperament and willingness to work.

“He’s just sweet,” Susan notes. “He’d come sit in bed and watch TV with me if he could.” His big moving gaits and tendency to add leg length to his babies are equally revered attributes.
Relevantus, aka “Zorro”: This 16.3hh Hanoverian (Rabino/Westminster/Weltmeister) has an extensive international record that includes the 2008 Hong Kong Olympics, the 2010 WEG in Kentucky and a Mexican National Championship with Federico Fernandez, as well as multiple Grand Prix wins with Federico and American rider Peter Wylde. His pedigree is full of high performance jumpers from his Holsteiner sire, Rabino, to his Hanoverian dam line. They combine the highest indexed jumping lines from Grand Prix producers Rabino, Ramiro, Calypso, Ladykiller xx, the Hanoverian F line, Inschallah AA, Espri and Lugano I.

Relevantus was delivered to Rainbow Equus Meadows from the East Coast about three years ago. His athletic prowess is already obvious in the babies he’s produced during his first three years of breeding since he retired.

Relevanta, on this issue’s cover, is a filly Susan bred and raised. “She is kind, brave, athletic and I love her.”

One of two indoor arenas at Rainbow. The Iron Horse Palace is 100’x300’ with a built jump chute.

Made In The USA

Lisa Hankin is one of Susan’s many happy customers and she recommends the Rainbow Equus experience to fellow amateurs. Picking out Puissance R “was one of the most fascinating experiences of my life,” she shares.

She picked the then-6 year old “Pui” from a group of good choices at Rainbow Equus Meadows. Thanks to gentle handling, Pui already had good ground manners. Susan had ridden her on trails and done flat work training.

A few years later, Lisa followed Susan’s advice to take Pui to the Karazissis family at Far West Farm. Since then Puissance has become quite the superstar. Along with a dream horse, “We’ve met so many great people along the way,” Lisa notes. “If more people did this (buy American-bred horses), I think it would be better for everybody.”

Beautiful in her body and mind, winning halter mare at yearling, two and No. Calif. Champion at 3 years old, Righteous Truth R by Rubignon, now in foal to the illustrious stallion Wild Dance

It’s often said that the kindest thing one can do for a horse is to train it well, increasing the chances that it will have a loving, responsible owner. Rainbow Equus Meadows puts a prequel on that idea by producing top quality horses and giving them a great start in life.

Susan is a four year cancer survivor and will continue her resolve to keep offering exceptional stallions and great horses for fellow equestrians. “I want to share with others all the blessings the Lord has given to Rainbow Equus Meadows.

“I always remember that owning, loving, riding and caring for a horse is not a game or hobby, but an honor, privilege and grand passion that brings many blessings.”

For more information on Rainbow Equus Meadows’ breeding, sale horses, senior boarding, visit www.rainbowequus.com. For information on the health products, visit www.immunall-us.com. Susan Worthington can be reached at 916-203-1821.




Health Products

Rainbow Equus Meadows has represented Immunall for decades. Developed in the U.K. by Susan’s close friend Jake Brandes, the natural herbal supplement works by supporting proper acidic balance in the body. In Susan’s layman’s terms, Immunall “makes every vital organ in the body work as optimally as possible.” She has used the supplement herself for 14 years and credits it with helping her make a remarkable, total recovery from colon cancer surgery and radiation treatments.

In the horse breeding world, having all systems functioning as they should increases the odds of first-take conception in mares dramatically, Susan says. If the mare is healthy, Susan considers Immunall an almost guarantee of conception and she has witnessed it work miracles for horses with Cushings Disease. For horses (and for people in Europe) in any life stage, it improves digestive function and overall health and energy levels, of which Susan, at 74 years young, is living proof.

Muscle & Joint Recovery accelerates the recovery process after exercise, Susan explains. It also helps fight arthritis by extracting acid from the joints.

Rainbow Equus recently began representing a new product: TY-4-Up, made of powerful herbs that “maintain healthy suppleness in the muscles,” Susan explains.

For more information on all three natural health products, visit www.immunall-us.com or call Susan at 916-203-1821.