July 2021 - Life Data® Lamina Formula & Farrier’s Formula®
Written by CRM
Friday, 02 July 2021 02:33
Over 40 years ago, Frank Gravlee, DVM, MS, CNS founded Life Data Labs, Inc. and introduced an innovative new product to the equine industry, Farrier’s Formula®. Farrier’s Formula® was formulated through Dr. Gravlee’s groundbreaking research in equine nutrition and ushered in the concept of “Feeding the Hoof.” Today, Life Data® and Dr. Gravlee continue pioneering innovative products formulated to benefit the horse through this dedicated research. New Life Data® products are now available to support horses prone to Anhidrosis, Cushing’s/PPID, and Laminitis.

Of these new products, Life Data® Lamina Formula is establishing itself as an essential supplement for horses prone to laminitis. A companion product to Farrier’s Formula®, Life Data® Lamina Formula is a laminae support supplement for horses with acute or chronic laminitis. This new supplement was developed through extensive blood analysis research performed by the Life Data® in-house laboratory. By analyzing blood samples taken from a large population of horses diagnosed with laminitis, Life Data® was able to explore and determine their metabolic correlations. Life Data® discovered that these laminitic horses were imbalanced in many of the same key nutrients. Life Data®Lamina Formula was formulated to correct these imbalances and assist in the recovery and comfort of these horses.

The ingredients provided in Life Data® Lamina Formula assist in laminitis recovery by helping reduce inflammation in the hoof, supporting the maintenance of blood flow in the hoof wall, and helping protect from or reduce the incidence of future bouts of laminitis. Life Data® Lamina Formula contains ingredients such as Zinc, which is required for healthy maturing of Ketain. Ketain is a major component of the outer layers of dermal tissue and is necessary for the development and management of healthy hooves. Copper is another important ingredient provided in Life Data® Lamina Formula. Copper is important for the strength of the connective tissues of the hooves. It also acts as a protective against excessive selenium levels. Many horses with laminitis also were found to have excessive levels of selenium. Other ingredients and nutrients provided are Methionine, Tyrosine, Calcium, Zinc, and Vitamin C.

An 11lb bag of Life Data® Lamina Formula is a 30-day supply for the average 1,000 lb horse. For the most effective results, Life Data® Lamina Formula should be fed together with Farrier’s Formula®, Farrier’s Formula® Double Strength, or Farrier’s Formula® DS Plus Joint. Providing Farrier’s Formula® will supply the nutritional support needed to strengthen the connective tissue of the hooves. Strengthening the hooves’ connective tissue is an essential step in the recovery of Laminitis.

Please note that supplements cannot correct excessive intake of carbohydrates from grass fructans, accidental over consumption of concentrated feedstuffs or grains, or mechanical causes of laminitis such as road founder or off-loading weight to a foot due to an injury of the opposite foot. In all cases of laminitis professional veterinary and farrier services are the highest in importance for the health of your horse.

If you have any questions regarding Life Data® Lamina Formula or Farrier’s Formula, you can visit www.lifedatalabs.com or contact Life Data® at 256-370-7555.