September 2017 - Book Review
Written by CRM
Thursday, 31 August 2017 20:06

Horse Lover’s Encylopedia: An A to Z Guide to All Things Equine
Edited by Jessie Haas
Reviewed by Lucy Bobeck

This book is definitely full-color. Amazing photography along with beautiful detailed line drawings and clear descriptions on the varied equestrian world. Current information that may not be found in other sources includes chiropractic treatment and a description of the recent American breeds like the American Curly and Azteca. Some entries are more European in nature, calling a horse who dislikes having a saddle tightened “girthy” rather than the usual American “cinchy.”

The issue of how we use animals is raised. The book doesn’t take sides but does mention the stress put on the joints of Tennessee Walking Horses via the “Big Lick” (high stepping action) and the existence of opposition to events such as rodeos. The word “doubling” is used for the flexing action (turning the head back to the body) the horse makes for one-rein stops.

Many new facts are discussed. Interestingly, mare’s milk is actually drunk by humans in various parts of the world. There are plenty of new facts you can pick up from this tome - enjoy. This book is a broad base, making an ideal gift for a horse enthusiast or anyone with an interest in the noble horse. I mention the broad base as there is no mention of chambons! Once you read this book, you will want your own horse!

Reviewer Lucy Bobeck, is a South Bay and Nevada horse rider with a passion for rescued horses, especially her own.

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