June 2018 - Flying Changes
Written by CRM
Thursday, 31 May 2018 18:34

Sarah Rune & Canty Rune Training Stables

Long time horse trainer Laurie Canty is excited to announce the transformation of her training stables by bringing Sarah Rune in to take on a leadership role. Rune started off as a student of Canty’s, later becoming her assistant, and has now been tapped to take over Canty’s operations. Having trained horses and riders in California for many decades, Canty is looking forward to a new phase of semi-retirement as Rune oversees more day-to-day responsibilities of training and coaching.

“I am honored and excited,“ says Rune. “This is an incredible opportunity and I will bring passion and energy to the training stables for the benefit of all our amazing horses and students. This is a dream come true.” Rune has large boots to fill, as Canty has a legacy of helping riders achieve their goals and training horses to be willing and well-educated mounts.

While Rune takes over more responsibilities, Canty will enjoy a well-deserved semi-retirement. Canty will teach select clients and provide ongoing mentorship to Rune, while having more freedom to travel and pursue other interests. “Sarah has already stepped up with many responsibilities of the training business while I have been occupied with family matters and sidelined with an injury over the past year.  She has proven herself fully capable,” says Canty. “It is wonderful to have someone I trust to see to the needs of the students and horses in our program.”

Canty Rune Training Stables will continue to serve dedicated horsemen and their horses with the utmost care, supporting each rider’s goals both in and out of the competition arenas. The business is located at Rancho Royale in Ventura County’s Oak View. The program offers horse training and riding instruction specializing in eventing. jumping, dressage and all-around horsemanship, with an emphasis on safety, self-reliance and fun. For more information, contact Sarah Rune at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 661-645-6345.

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