August 2018 - Flying Changes
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Thursday, 26 July 2018 20:09


UC Davis NCEA Equestrian Names Coach

Jessie Weisinger, an alumna of and most recently the assistant coach at Texas A&M, joins the UC Davis staff as the university’s first head women’s equestrian coach, announced athletics director Kevin Blue. “I am extremely grateful to UC Davis, Kevin Blue and [associate A.D.] Anissa Nachman for allowing me this opportunity,” said Weisinger. “I have been fortunate to be at a great university these past four years, but am looking forward to building this new program and being a part of the vision and excitement Kevin has brought to the UC Davis athletic department.”

Jessie Weisinger. Photo: Karin Higgins / Texas A&M

“Our new equestrian program has tremendous potential, given the strengths and traditions of our university, and we are thrilled that coach Weisinger will be leading us forward as we grow it,” said Blue. “Her diverse experience in the sport, including her time as a national champion assistant coach and student-athlete at Texas A&M, makes her an ideal head coach to build our program.”

Lauren Billys and Jeff Shady. Photo: Peter Amend

Lauren Billys & Jeff Shady

2016 Olympian Lauren Billys married Jeff Shady June 30 at Sycamore Farms in Carmel Valley, with the eventer’s horses among the friends and family celebrating the ceremony.  “Jeff is an obstacle course racer, which is trail running with military style obstacles like Spartan Racing and Tough Mudder,” Lauren explains. “He is also a physical therapist with a new found love for horses.” The horses in the picture, from left, are Can Be Sweet, Olympic partner Castle Larchfield Purdy, Marseille and Caletina.




Karl Cook & Kaley Cuoco

Show jumpers Karl Cook & Kaley Cuoco tied the knot June 30 in a magically transformed version of Pomponio Ranch’s Rancho Santa Fe stable. An elegant floral horse shoe served as the backdrop for the ceremony and evidence of the couple’s shared love for all things equestrian was everywhere, along with the “KCSquared” logo. Karl is a young Grand Prix rider with World Cup Finals experience. Kaley is famous for her Big Bang Theory TV role and is ascending the amateur jumper ranks.



Tab Hunter

Actor, singer and horseman Tab Hunter passed away in July 8 at 86. Discovered by Hollywood as a stable boy, he was a big star and heartthrob throughout the 1950s, and described as a “gay icon” in his later years. He returned to the limelight in John Waters’ quirky, campy Polyester in the early 80s and continued in similar films throughout that decade. Throughout his life, Hunter was an active equestrian with many friends in the industry. Shortly before he passed, he attended the memorial services for Marcia “Mousie” Williams, seeming healthy and happy.



Kenneth Kraus

Longtime industry member, show announcer, photographer and writer Ken Kraus passed away on June 26. He was a founder of Phelps Media Group and well known on the show circuit, especially on the East Coast.

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