May 2020 - Editor's Notes
Written by by Kim F. Miller
Wednesday, 29 April 2020 05:25


It’s hard not to be anxious and/or glum over the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the continuing event cancellations and many owners being unable to spend time with their horses. While the impact on the equestrian world pales in comparison to the virus’ impact on those who are fighting to protect their own and others’ lives, it’s understandable to have trouble seeing any good news. As much as I value staying abreast of the news, I also know that balancing the bad with good is always important, even when it’s a little harder to find.


Many of this issue’s articles helped sustain my spirits this past month. I hope they do the same for you!


Thanks to Pam Duffy for sharing that she taps Anais Nin’s “Life shrinks and expands in proportion to one’s courage” message as her modus operandi for Sunsprite Ranch’s future. She is a very inspiring person and horse woman and I am excited to watch her horses do their spectacular thing for many years into the future.

Thanks to Stanford’s Vanessa Bartsch for suggesting an article on Andrea Cao, the freshman team rider who vaulted to fame on Shark Tank as a 13-year-old entrepreneur. The Central California horsewoman is now mindfully managing the steady growth of Andrea Equine and continuing to work with BLM Mustangs and young horses.

Thanks to eventer Lauren Billys for sharing what it’s like to have earned a spot in the Tokyo Olympics that are now pushed back to 2021. To Susan Ighani for sharing what it’s like to relocate a 20-horse program amid shelter-in-place realities and to our delightful columnist Nan Meek for sharing what it’s really like keeping a horse a home, a dream for many of us, perhaps even more these days.

Thanks, too, to Darby Bonomi, PhD, and Marnye Langer for their wise, helpful perspectives to help us all get through.

My biggest uplift in reporting for this issue was to find there is actually good news interwoven in the virus’ impact on horses newly in need of new homes. Unlike the situation during the Great Recession that started in 2008, now there is more promotion of and support for moving horses out of shelters and into permanent homes.

Don’t get me wrong: the pandemic is hitting horses hard, but the ASPCA’s Dr. Emily Weiss explained that welfare organizations are setting aside past differences to unite in promoting “horses in transition” rather than “unwanted horses.” It’s a concept that worked really well in the small animal adoption world, and there is hope it will help horses, too. Please read about The Right Horse initiative on page 10, and visit and see if you can help. Even if you can’t foster or adopt at the moment, pick a special horse and share them on your social channels. Maybe someone in your circle can.
Thanks to all of those working hard to help humans and horses during these difficult days.

Happy reading and riding. For those who can ride and visit your horse, extra hugs for the rest of us, please!!

Kim F Miller, Editor


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