August 2016 - Book Review: The Essential Fergus
Written by CRM
Sunday, 31 July 2016 19:46

The Essential Fergus; Written by Jean Abernathy; Reviewed by Joanna Fung

Who doesn’t know Fergus the horse?

Due to growing popularity, author Jean Abernathy, wrote The Essential Fergus to give readers the backstory to the world’s most popular cartoon equine.

This book has both writhing, which explains the backstory to the creation of Fergus and numerous popular comics in addition to some book exclusives. Abernathy’s cartoons are known for their reliability to the horse lover’s life.

In the first section, The Evolution of the Artist, Abernathy writes about her childhood. She reveals that her early love of horses highly influenced any art project. Even early on, Abernathy’s drawing caught the attention of her peers as she experimented with various mediums and different figures. As her cartoons were published across the United States and Canada. Abernathy decided to create an individual character, a horse named

Fergus. In addition to the backstory to Fergus, Abernathy also writes about the horses throughout her life that influenced several other characters. In order to keep her characters consistent, Abernathy has practice pages. There are multiple years of Fergus cartoons; each shows the gradual changes in styles.

The next main section contains numerous cartoons, broken up into several sections: The Ridden World, The Flies Have It, Horse Wisdom, Barn Smarts, Sweet Companions, and Wonderland.

This book is worth the $19.95 to have a good chuckle reading through the comics every now and then in addition to the background knowledge of Abernathy’s inspirations.

Reviewer Joanna Fung is a life-long horse enthusiast and continues to ride when she has the time.

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