February 2017 - Wellpride Comes West
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Tuesday, 31 January 2017 06:57
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Florida producer of fresh fish oil for horses looks forward to Horse Expo Pomona visit.

Wellpride, which makes fresh omega-3 fish oil for horses, will be attending the Western States Horse Expo in Pomona, Feb 3-5. Wellpride invites all attendees to visit Booth #7103 in Building 7 for show specials and samples.
The Western States Horse Expo will be Wellpride’s first expo on the West Coast since 2007.

“We are located in Florida and regularly attend shows along the East Coast,” says Dr. Anne-Marie Chalmers, Wellpride’s co-founder along with her husband Dr. Bo Martinsen. “In the last year though, we’ve been getting a lot of orders from Southern California. We’re excited to meet our customer base there.”

Founded by the doctors in 2003 with the support of a research and veterinarian consulting team, Wellpride started producing fish oil for horses before omega-3 became a popular animal supplement. Today, the company is still focused on three core principles in making its products: freshness, palatability and dose.

“For an omega-3 product to really be effective, you need an oil that’s fresh and you need to provide your horse with enough of the EPA and DHA fatty acids,” says Dr. Martinsen. “Wellpride is a human-grade fish oil that’s fresher than most of the fish oils made for people. And since it is a pure fish oil, as opposed to a blend, it is also more potent.”

In addition to its equine fish oil product, Wellpride’s sister company, Omega3 Innovations, produces a separate line of omega-3 foods and supplements for people. Attendees will also be able to sample Omega3 Innovations’ products at the booth.

All of the products produced by Wellpride and Omega3 Innovations provide omega-3 fatty acids through fresh fish oil, which is important for palatability and potency. Research has shown omega-3s may benefit the following in horses: focus, respiration, joint health, skin and coat health, recovery after exercise, hoof integrity, digestion, and fertility.

Press release provided by Wellpride. For more information, visit www.wellpride.com.