February 2017 - Perfect Prep EQ Gold Pellets
Written by CRM
Tuesday, 31 January 2017 07:01


The power of paste with the convenience of pellets.

Many riders and trainers have come to rely on Perfect Prep formulas to help calm their horses’ show nerves. Few, however, will say they enjoy giving their horses oral paste to achieve this effect.

Due to popular demand, Perfect Products has released the newest addition to their calming line, Perfect Prep EQ Gold pellets. Gold pellets offer the same calming benefits as Gold paste, but with the added convenience of a palatable pellet.

Perfect Products recommends administering Gold pellets beginning four to six feedings prior to performance. Simply add two scoops to your horse’s feed twice per day to see profound calming effects.

Though most horses can be maintained well on Gold pellets only, they can also be combined with any Perfect Prep paste for additional calming support.

Perfect Prep EQ Gold pellets are show safe and contain no prohibited substances.

Press release provided by Perfect Prep Products. For more information visit www.PerfectProductsEQ.com or call 877-324-8002.