August 2017 - Resvantage
Written by CRM
Saturday, 29 July 2017 19:38


Studies show resveratrol compound has powerfully positive effect.

Numerous studies have documented the anti-inflammatory effects of resveratrol without the side effects common with the use of NSAIDS. This translates to a more comfortable and willing horse and helps ensure a quick recovery from work. In a recent study conducted on show horses with hock lameness, injection therapy combined with resveratrol supplementation lessened symptoms to a far greater degree than with injections alone.

Happy Resvantage customer, Vancouver.

With all of the positive clinical data supporting its use, it is important to note that a horse does not have to be in a compromised state to benefit from resveratrol supplementation. The Resvantage Equine supplement is optimally used as a daily maintenance supplement. It combines resveratrol with other health beneficial ingredients such as kelp, biotin, peppermint oil and flaxseed oil to round out the equine diet and enable horses to perform at their best.

Jim Hagman, one of California’s top hunter/jumper trainers, got a great result with the use of the supplement back in 2013 in bringing his beloved Vancouver around after being laid-up. Now that the horse is fit and back competing, Jim continues to use it in his daily protocol to maintain his top condition and speed recovery time.

When we checked in with Jim on Vancouver and how he is doing today, he reported that Kayla Lott won the Hunterdon Cup last summer and was reserve champion in the 2016 ASPCA Regionals. This year Katilyn Lovingfoss won classes on Vancouver at Wellington, FL.

Jim is convinced that the Resvantage Equine saved his horse’s life and put him back in the show ring and bringing home the top ribbons. Jim takes the human version and after a year his doctor was very impressed with his big drop in cholesterol numbers and blood pressure. You can bet Jim and Vancouver will be life long users

California Riding Magazine founder Cheryl Erpelding is a huge fan of Resvantage, finding that it has helped her to better cope with lymphedema. Plus she has several friends and horse trainers who have become fans of the supplement taking it themselves and giving it to their horses and dogs. Many are reporting positive results with less joint pain, more energy, better sleep and improved mental acuity just to name a few of the many things that resveratrol helps improve.

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