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Tuesday, 30 January 2018 22:14
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Digestive issues are curable culprit in many everyday behavioral issues.

Would you believe that something as simple as digestion plays a leading role in yours, and your horse’s, health?

Health originates in the digestive track --- where nutrients from foodstuffs are broken down, absorbed into the system and supplied to the entire body. When digestion is compromised, nutrients will not be fully absorbed and a wide range of deficiencies can and will occur. Signs may include low energy, poor attitude, diarrhea, weight loss, coat changes, hoof issues and even colic.

Amanda’s 21 year old OTTB Phoenix was feeling his age. Digestion issues and troubles with diarrhea, his coat was dull and lackluster. Even his hooves were softening. He really had a lack of energy and un-willingness to work.

Barrel racer Terri’s 7 year old Quarter Horse got stressed with hauling, was getting nervous before shows, having loose stools. She felt he had ulcers because of that nagging “tail swish.”

Jen was having problems with her 9 year old horse Cherokee. New to the farm and being picked on by the herd, Cherokee was not keeping weight and always seemed agitated when asked to ride.  Jen had to give up riding Cherokee.

Judi’s boy Jasper has a sensitive tummy, constant diarrhea with hay changes, and the vet couldn’t find anything medically wrong.

Alannah’s 24 year old Buster has battled digestive issues for 20 years. He was chronically gassy and bloated, had trouble with diarrhea (a problem for a grey horse!), and often had undigested fiber in his manure. He had bouts of gas colic, despite being kept on a bland diet of grass hay with no alfalfa or access to fresh grass or grain.

OTTB Phoenix Before (left)and After (right)“ style=

Marie almost lost her 15 year old Quarter Horse mare, Vision, to colic. Between changes in hay, dewormer, stress, trailering, boarding management, and leaving friends/moving barns, the mare sometimes has diarrhea, gas and “off days” when she was not herself and really moody/temperamental and lacked any impulsion at all, and she suffers from ulcers.

All of these horses were exhibiting signs of nutrient deficiencies from compromised digestion.  Yet, they all recovered and are happy and healthy.
The difference, and their solution, was that they all added Giddyap Girls’ BioEZ®, a safe, natural, affordable, digestive supplement to their horse’s daily ration.

“A healthy digestive system gives a boost to the immune system and a healthy digestive system is one of the keys to overall well-being,” says Pamela Berryhill, founder of Giddyap Girls.

You might be thinking “My horse has excellent digestion, and doesn’t need digestive support. Or, recognizing signs in your own horse…. you may be asking yourself “What am I doing that may cause digestive upset?”

The answer to both is pretty much the same.  Ellisa Johnson, Equine Nutrition Consultant and Director of Sales at Equine Outfitters llc. (http://equineoutfitters.biz/) says: “Truly, all horses can benefit from a daily digestive supplement, because all horses experience everyday stresses that keep their digestive system from working optimally.”

What Ellisa is talking about are everyday issues that horses encounter.

Every three months we de-worm our horses and this depletes good bacteria in the digestive tract.   Every season, hays change and, while you may blend, this commonly stresses digestion.

Are you training harder? This is a stress on your horse.

Lay-ups or being stall bound from normal activity will affect a horse’s digestive system. Travel is a stress on your horse, and travel may introduce a new water supply that can affect digestions. In all of these situations, feeding a quality digestive support before, during and after will be beneficial to the horse’s well-being.

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Age is a digestive challenge we all face.  Adding a digestive supplement will help support your older guy’s changing digestive system. This will not only help digestion: it will also boost his immune system to be healthier and live better.

Finally, when considering adding digestive support to your horse’s regime consider “live” and “viable” over claims of “billions” of microbial (probiotic) strains.

Many lower quality brands ‘claim’ billions.  Know that most of the billions are not “active,” (read “dead”) and will not provide benefits. These brands need billions of microbials for a small amount (millions) to do the beneficial work.

Also, be aware that many brands use filler to make the buyer think they are getting more product. A small gram scoop in one brand may actually have more probiotics than a large ounce scoop in another.

Whether it’s seasonal hay and water changes, intensive training, traveling for shows, natural aging or doing your quarterly worming, one of the best things you can do for your horse is include digestive support in their diet.

A quality supplement like Giddyap Girls Biscuit Company’s BioEZ® can help your horse absorb more nutrients from their feed, boost their immune system,  help prevent colic incidences, and improve their quality of life.

Giddyap Girls’ Pamela says, “I am a firm believer in probiotics because when you feel good, you perform better, so does your horse.”

BioEZ is a blend of probiotics, digestive enzymes and prebiotics that increase nutrient absorption and maximize bacterial digestion. It was formulated specifically for horses to  promote healthy digestion and optimal hindgut function.

Fed daily, BioEZ helps horses increase the amount of nutrients absorbed from feed, yielding more energy, better attitude and a stronger immune system.

BioEZ can help a wide range of digestive challenges and be a lasting solution to persistent conditions like diarrhea, poor body condition, healthful weight and colic.

BioEZ balances pH, reduces hind gut acidosis, and may help heal ulcers. 

Press release provided by Giddayap Girls Biscuit Company.