August 2018 - Stable Mix LITE
Written by CRM
Friday, 27 July 2018 03:40
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Hay-based low NSC complete feed for dietary management.

The equine industry has seen a rising trend in metabolic challenges, perhaps relatable to advancements in veterinary medicine and/or horses living longer. Because of this, Elk Grove Milling has developed a low non-structural carbohydrate (NSC) feed suitable for overweight horses or those seeking a NSC value of less then 11%.

Elk Grove Milling has specialized in producing hay-based pelleted feed since 1982 under the same owner, Robert H Lent. The formulation of Stable Mix LITE was created with the same integrity as the other Stable Mix™ feeds and uses only six ingredients. It is manufactured in a medication-free facility using premium, all-natural ingredients with no added soy products. Stable Mix LITE is designed as a complete feed formulated with Alltech solutions. Because it is fortified with vitamins and some chelated minerals, has added prebiotics and probiotics, as well as organic selenium, no other supplementation is needed when fed as a sole ration. This new feed is “horse approved” by palatability trials and is certified weed-free, making it suitable for camping or traveling on restricted state and federal lands.

Stable Mix LITE will be available in September of this year at feed stores through several of the Western states and also New Mexico and South West Texas. Give Stable Mix LITE a try and join the other 17,000 horses enjoying Stable Mix™ products every day.

Press release provided by Elk Grove Milling. For more information, visit or call 888-346-7649.