January 2019 - Janet Reed’s Natural Horse Feeders
Written by CRM
Friday, 28 December 2018 01:10

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High praise for feeders that require a low head position.

Dressage trainer Janet Reed is always looking out for her horses. Compassion for equines drives her in her training business and is what drove her to build a better feeder.

Too many horses eat with their heads up high and Janet knows that a horse’s head reaching towards the ground is the best way for a horse to eat. It’s the natural grazing position that makes the horse a happy creature.


With her patent pending design, Janet Reed’s Natural Horse Feeders are made of wood that is oiled with linseed oil, which is natural deterrent to chewing. The depth of the box is set so that they cannot rub their eyes on the dowels that keep the hay from getting pulled out. Janet had a veterinarian approve her design that encourages a more natural position of eating for horses.


Each feeder has a supplement section and can be customized with storage area underneath the feed supplement section.

Janet Reed’s custom built feeders make for happy horses.

The boxes are custom built and if a door in the back of the feeder is requested, Janet can easily accommodate that request. A raised section of the box is perfect for supplements or horse treats. Several horse owners at Canyonside Ranch in San Diego are using the boxes. One owner’s horse’s weaving behavior pretty much disappeared after installation of the Janet Reed’s

Natural Horse Feeder. Teri Walsh reports her horse Tango loves her new feeder, “It has improved her poll pain, slowed down her eating and stopped her weaving!”

Metal grate on the bottom lets any dirt or dust from your horse’s hay fall through.

Another happy customer says, “The fact that Ms. Reed will build the feeder to fit any horse, from minis to draughts, makes it very special feeder. She encourages you to contact her to discuss your needs so that she can build the feeder exactly as you need it. I do believe you will like it also.”

Janet Reed’s Natural Horse Feeder’s price is $225 plus shipping costs.

For more information, contact Janet at 858-734-0601 or visit www.JanetReedTraining.com.