February 2019 - Sedelogic
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Friday, 01 February 2019 01:57


High tech pad for high performance.

After introducing the Sedelogic® saddle pads to the US horse industry in 2013, Vitafloor USA, along with another partner, acquired the high-tech pad last year.

Sedelogic saddle pads were developed by a veterinarian in Europe with the objective of achieving significant and verifiable improvements to the welfare and performance of horses in high-impact sports disciplines. They specifically looked at performance problems associated with significant pain in the horse’s back and this research included the world’s first pressure measurement under the saddle, while jumping a course. These studies led to the development of a machine-washable and breathable, three-dimensionally woven polyester fiber that is manufactured in two thicknesses (12 & 15 mm) and is clinically proven to distribute pressure and absorb shock up to 50% during peak pressure measurement.

The revolutionary pads have been quickly embraced by some of the top names in the horse industry from many disciplines including: racing, dressage, endurance and jumpers. The overriding feedback is that the jumpers are jumping better, and all horses are moving better, less likely to drop their backs due to the saddle pad’s unique absorption of impact from the riders on top. In addition, the horses’ backs are staying cooler due to the improved ventilation and riders are finding that the increased air flow results in no more heat bumps and less sweating.


A clinical study that was done by Sedelogic that looked at heat distribution under the saddle, shows the temperature stays much lower which is confirmed by several top riders in the field. See testimo- nials: https://www.vitafloor.com/vfs/reviews/

The S-Curve pad is the newest Sedelogic development that is taking the market by storm. This lightweight English half-pad is suitable for all disciplines, but specifically developed for horses with sensitive backs or kissing spines. It features a unique S-shape in the front that allows for extra shoulder freedom and uses patented Thermoplast inserts in the back. This advanced orthopedic saddle pad can be custom formed to your horse’s back using veterinarian-created technology proven to offer unparalleled therapeutic and performance benefits for your horse. For the ultimate shock absorption, weight distribution and orthopedic benefits, this re-moldable custom fit saddle pad provides the perfect fit for every horse. You can reheat and reshape the pad as often as you wish as your horse’s body changes (gaining muscle, weight, etc.), or whenever you switch to a different horse.

Heating the patented Sedelogic saddle pad thermoplastic material creates a custom fit for the horse and rider resulting in less pressure and cooler backs.

Benefits of the Sedelogic S-Curve pad:
• Unrivaled pressure distribution and shock absorption.
• S curved front gives more shoulder freedom, allowing better and larger movement.
• Patented thermal plastic technology in the back creates extra support and lift.
• Great for horses with back issues and kissing spines.
• Three dimensionally woven structure is lightweight and very breathable, allowing more air flow, keeping horses cooler and dryer under the saddle.
• Can be remolded when your horse’s posture changes.

The only saddle pad recommended and developed by veterinarians.

“In my 20 year experience from veterinary guidance to Dutch teams in various disciplines of equestrian sports, I have not come across an innovative product with so much value. Because of this proven pressure-distributing and shock-absorbing technology, many back problems can be prevented and treated.”
-Drs. B. Th. Horsmans, Equine Veterinarian

Clinical studies shows the Sedelogic pad descreases heat and reduced pressure compared to regular horse saddle pads.

Since the introduction into the US in the summer of 2013, the revolutionary pads have been quickly embraced by some of the top names in the horse industry.
Sedelogic has a YouTube video about its pressure testing under saddle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h58o55TzxIc

Vitafloor USA Inc. is a California based company and is the innovator and international leader in equine vibration equipment offering versatile physical training and countless therapeutic benefits to horses. Vitafloor’s unparalleled vertical vibrating platforms are safe as well as easy to use. Vitafloor® is the only vibration equipment in the world designed exclusively for horses and is based on the well-known principles of Whole Body Vibration Training that are used to train astronauts to promote the development of muscle tone and bone density. Vitafloor® is a proven and highly effective therapy for horses and is widely recognized by leading equestrians and veterinarians world-wide. Besides the Vitafloor products and Sedelogic Saddle Pads, the company also offer, horse exerciser, horse solariums, treadmils and Safety Wall riding arena kickwalls.

Article provided by Vitafloor®. For more information, visit www.vitafloor.com or call 831-319-2704.


Eventing Nation reviewed three of the Sedelogic saddle pads:
•    2 Ply Half Pad — excellent for a horse with a little room under the saddle but not so much as to need shims, that is also sensitive throughout the back. Great for long/hard riding, jumping, and also flat work where you want to make sure that the horse can still feel your seat but not cause any back pain. It is an ideal pad for everyday use. It also comes in a 1 Ply option for horses that have less space under the saddle but still want that great shock absorption.
•    Orthopad Half Pad which is the 1-2-3 ply from front to back for horses that need less in front and more in back is wonderful for horses that need added cushioning or lift in the cantle, or if your girth causes your saddle to pop up in the back over fences.
•     S-Curve Half Pad with customizable thermoplastic is excellent for horses with a well fitting saddle but back issues, lower back pain, old injuries, chiropractic issues, and more. The pad offers great freedom of shoulder movement with amazing back support. It is worth the added time to set up, and you can reheat it and reset the plastic for different horses or if your horse changes shape again. It is the best fit available for broad shouldered Warmbloods that have chronic back issues such as kissing spine.