February 2019 - Cheval International
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Friday, 01 February 2019 02:02
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A unique background led to pioneering company’s inception 30 years ago.

August Anderson invented horse coat enhancers three decades ago, helping to super charge the entire horse supplement industry.


Famous for Black-As-Knight, Gold-As-Sun and a complete line of all natural supplements for the health and beauty of horses, August has been obsessed with horses all her life.


August won her silver and gold medals on her stunning imported Trakehner mare, Freedom’s Angel, her favorite dance partner of all time.

How did she come up with a line of products never before dreamed of and now some of the most popular products in the equine industry?

“It took me 40 years to become an overnight success,” August jokes. “I’m slower than most people who do it in 20 years.”

The reality is that it was a truly unique set of life circumstances that allowed her to singlehandedly change the industry by her endless experiments and always thinking outside the box.

Anderson was born into a family of brilliant and successful scientists and she, herself, did her undergraduate studies in math, biology, and genetics before going on to get her doctorate in law.

August’s imported Star Friesian stallion, Orion.

Whether August was helping to run Anderson Scientific, the family business, or practicing law, she spent every spare minute riding, training, breeding and showing horses and always experimenting with ways to make the lives of her obsession – palominos and black horses – better.

August imports, breeds and trains rare Palomino Warmbloods and gorgeous Friesians.

A passion for Friesians spurred August to invent Black-As-Knight Coat enhancer for dark horses decades ago and changed the horse supplement world. This 6 month old little Friesian stud muffin (Houdini) is her latest pride and joy out of her star imported Friesian mare, Windsor.

When she combined her decades of studies with her lifetime love of horses, she became aware the nutrients in the soils of a narrow strip of land from Western South Dakota to Alberta Canada had the perfect balance of omegas, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for grazing animals. She bought hundreds of acres in these rich soils and grows organic ingredients free of GMOs, pesticides and chemicals to make the Cheval products.

Cheval International founder, August Anderson, competing in Los Angeles on her first FEI horse, imported Swedish Warmblood, Golden Quest (RIP) - who launched her obsession with palomino Warmbloods.

When not working at Cheval or training horses, August’s passion is traveling the world doing charitable and educational work trying to save rare and endangered species.  Pictured here in South Africa lecturing on rhinos.

This strange upbringing that combined horses, rich soils, science, and business oddly gave birth to Cheval International and ultimately a multi-million dollar industry.

Press release provided by Cheval International. For more information, visit www.chevalinternational.com.