April 2019 - Horse Logic Pro
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Friday, 29 March 2019 00:17
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Experience inspires Pam Moeck to promote line of supplements on the West Coast.

After Pam Moeck moved her son’s show horse, Cowboy, to Kellie Egkan-Hinely’s Trendsetter Performance Horses AQHA show barn, the horse was put on the same regime of supplements that the other horses were on. Within a month Cowboy’s coat improved, his allergies went away and he looked so much better.

Pam and Lucy.

Seeing that, Pam decided to add Horse Logic Professional supplements to her hot Thoroughbred mare Lucy’s feeding program and she was quickly impressed with the changes in her mare. She really liked the CalmingPro Pellets, which contain magnesium, L-tryptophan, and thiamine. According to Pam, they make the horses feel like they have already been lunged and that they are ready to work. She says the supplement really evens out the temperament of her sometimes hot redhead.


Pam was sharing her success stories with her friends about both Cowboy and Lucy and was getting them to try the line of supplements on their horses. She realized she should apply to join the John Ewing Company’s team for the Horse Logic Professional product line and get paid to help spread the word as an outside rep. Pam joined the team a year ago and enjoys helping horse owners realize the good results she has seen over and over. The John Ewing Company has been making equine supplements since 1946 and is a company trusted by top professionals across many disciplines.

Hunter/jumper trainer Ginny Plancke of Everwood says, “The thing I like most about Horse Logic Professional products is that they do what they say they are going to do. You not only get immediate results but also, over the long term, the results get better and better. The horses’ coats get shinier, shinier and more dappled. With the calming product, the horse’s attitude changes towards its job. The horse does not just get quiet; it actually helps with their mental focus. It produces results you can see.”

AGR Tellemhesacowboy.

Customers who had horses with stiffness issues and laminitis and tried the High Impact joint product were very impressed with the improvements after a month of use.

The products are made without fillers or sugar. The formulas are scientifically formulated and proven to help horses. They have over 40 products from calming products to supplements that address products, hoof, gastric and other health issue in all types of horses.

Article provided by Horse Logic Pro. For more information call Pam Moeck at 818-653-2842 or visit www.HorseLogicPro.com.