July 2020 - High Quality Hay Cubes
Written by CRM
Wednesday, 01 July 2020 05:24
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Six generations of California farming family leads to trusted hay supply for horses.

Here at Harlan Feed we take pride in producing, manufacturing, and supplying our customers with a consistent product from a trustworthy source. Providing a high-quality agricultural product is not only the focus of our business, it is our heritage that stems from the creation of our family farm.


Since 1852, The Harlan family has been farming in Yolo County. In 2005 we expanded our operation to meet consumer demand for a year-round, high quality hay product. As we have become more vested in the hay market, developing methods of directly marketing our hay products has become a natural complement to our business, which spurred the creation of Harlan Feed.


Harlan Feed is a premium hay cube feed supplier. Being the producers of the hay that we process has many advantages. We can directly control not only the field quality, but also the quality of product going into the mill. All hay is tested from the field for quality and adequate warehouse storage has been added to supply our customers with product year-round. As our business has seen steady successful growth, we again have expanded our production lines to enable us to meet customers’ needs, as well as to add new blended types of hay cubes.

We understand that our customers have many choices when selecting a feed source. We invite you to take a moment to review our operation and our products. On behalf of the Harlan Family, we thank you for allowing us to introduce ourselves. We look forward to working with you in the future.     

Please visit our website at www.HarlanFeed.com. Press release provided by Harlan Feed.