February 2015 - A Modern Look At ... THE HOOF
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Wednesday, 04 February 2015 05:03
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New book offers unprecedented hoof care information.

Keeping horses comfortable and sound can be a complicated and often times stressful process not only for the owner, but also for hoof care professionals. Author Monique Craig – a hoof researcher, farrier, consultant to farriers and rider – started her learning journey out of personal frustration with these same issues. Her goal was initially just to find solutions for her own horses. Eventually, her 20-plus years of hoof research yielded results applicable to every horse.


This book is a new look at the hoof, focusing on a detailed look at its morphology (shape) and function, and discussing implications for how the hoof should be trimmed and cared for. Topics addressed within this inclusive hoof-care volume include:

  • An introduction to hoof anatomy and structure – bones, hoof capsule, sole shape, pedal bone shape, weight bearing, false sole, the exfoliation cycle, toe callus and bevel, weather and soil mechanics, hoof packing, thrush, break over, tendon mechanics and more.
  • Measuring the hoof – including material on the natural asymmetry of the hoof capsule and bones of the lower leg of the horse. The ramifications of these asymmetries have rarely been discussed in any other equine literature.
  • Assessing the hoof – topic materials include annotated color images illustrating what constitutes a “normal” hoof, painstakingly collected by the author over 20 years of hoof trimming.
  • The Epona Trim – the author discusses her approach to trimming and assessing the hoof, addressing the natural asymmetry of the hoof and leg, as well as relating the trim to the boney column of the leg.
  • Shoeing – including discussion of shoe placement and attachment methods (gluing, nailing or casting).

Monique Craig is founder of EponaTech and the Epona-Institute, and inventor of the EponaShoe polyurethane shoe. Her book includes an in-depth discussion of 16 case studies drawn from real-world application of her shoeing approach. The author presents a variety of other well-researched and documented information rarely addressed in other sources, if at all.

A Modern Look At ... THE HOOF is a must for anyone wishing to be well-versed in the hoof. The book contains more than 300 color images, many with measurements and annotations, and will be of interest to students of the equine hoof, be they farrier, barefoot trimmer, rider, trainer or veterinarian.

Press release provided by Epona Tech. A Modern Look At ... THE HOOF is available from several outlets summarized at www.EponaBook.com.