March 2015 - SmartMuscle Recovery Pellets
Written by SmartPak
Monday, 02 March 2015 00:25

New supplement supports muscle health after exercise.

For horses to perform at their best, muscle function and recovery are important. SmartPak introduces SmartMuscle® Recovery Pellets, a new supplement designed to help support equine muscle health and recovery after exercise.

“Any horse, not just performance horses, can experience muscle soreness after exercising,” said Dr. Lydia Gray, SmartPak’s Staff Veterinarian. “Supporting muscle health is essential to help your horse excel in any discipline. The right blend of ingredients may help to maintain efficient muscle function and manage muscle discomfort associated with exercise.”

SmartMuscle Recovery Pellets help encourage normal muscle recovery. This unique formula contains ExertAmine™, a blend of branched chain amino acids, to support normal muscle repair. This product also provides targeted ingredients such as tart cherry, DMG, magnesium, and vitamin E. Tart cherry and DMG help manage muscle soreness, while magnesium and vitamin E support the health of the muscles.

SmartMuscle Recovery Pellets join SmartMuscle Mass Pellets for a complete line of muscle supplements. SmartMuscle Mass Pellets help to build strong, healthy muscles by supporting lean muscle development with 10 essential amino acids.

SmartMuscle Recovery Pellets are one of over 55 targeted formulas available in SmartPak’s exclusive SmartSupplements™ product line. All SmartSupplements are available for the best value when ordered in the SmartPaks™ supplement feeding system. Plus, they’re guaranteed to work. If you order any SmartSupplements in SmartPaks and you don’t see results after two months, SmartPak will give you your money back.

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