April 2015 - TheraPlate
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Tuesday, 31 March 2015 23:01
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Therapy platform maintains performance horses from the ground up.

Performance horse care and management has evolved dramatically in the last two decades. Changes to saddle fit, footing, conditioning and therapy are just a few examples of how sophisticated performance horse management has become. And for good reason, purchasing and training a top horse is a major investment, and one that deserves to be protected. One of the most revolutionary, effective and affordable tools in this trend is the TheraPlate.

The TheraPlate is a therapy platform that delivers extremely gentle, yet very balanced motion to the horse standing on it. The TheraPlate provides a low intensity, centrifugal movement that generates a response that is similar to electrode pads that are used in athletes and physical therapy to stimulate muscle activity. “It’s not shaking or vibration or bouncing,” says Chip Kreiling, president and founder of TheraPlate.

Carol Cohen (left), Abacus, and Hannah Michaels (right) accept the TheraPlate Award at the 2015 Adequan Global Dressage Festival.

“The common misperception is that the TheraPlate works by shaking the horse, but the reality is that it stimulates muscle activity in a way that heals and strengthens the muscles,” Kreiling explains. “In the process, it increases blood and lymphatic fluid flow throughout the body, which is one of nature’s most effective healing processes.”

The TheraPlate’s ability to improve the flow of blood and lymphatic drainage throughout the body is another characteristic that makes it unique in the world of therapeutic modalities. “Horses have unique physiology,” Kreiling says. “They don’t have a lot of circulation in their legs. Most of their circulation is in their core. So, when a horse is on stall rest, circulation is minimal.” Time spent on the TheraPlate generates optimum circulation without adding any impact to injuries, bones, joints or soft tissue. Better circulation flow is nature’s way of reducing inflammation and its destructive effects.

High performance riders in a variety of disciplines are increasingly recognizing the TheraPlate’s ability to take the place of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which are hard on the stomach and are not allowed in many levels of competition. U.S. Team riders in both dressage and reining flew their machines with them for use at last year’s FEI World Equestrian Games in France. A growing number of veterinary practices, rehab facilities and especially private horse owners are recognizing the benefits of regular sessions on the TheraPlate.

Healing times for a wide range of injuries, some of them traditionally considered career ending, are typically cut in half with regular time on the TheraPlate. Conditions including navicular and founder have been greatly improved and injuries to ligaments and tendons have healed much faster than through other means. Kreiling has also seen it provide a quick fix to horses that are stiff, slightly off or body sore, which is one of the reasons top riders take it with them to competitions.

One big advantage of the TheraPlate is its portability. It is constructed with aircraft grade aluminum, making it lightweight and sturdy. The standard size TheraPlate comes in two parts, each of which weighs 80 pounds.

“To try it is to believe in it,” says Kreiling. For that reason the company offers a free, no-obligation demo program and has a generous return policy that allows return after four months of use. “Not only is it portable, but it is also affordable,” says Kreiling. “We succeeded in designing an effective modality for horses because our number one goal was to help protect, condition and heal horses.”

The popularity of the TheraPlate continues to grow in a variety of disciplines, including barrel racing, reining, racing, jumping, dressage, western pleasure and eventing. TheraPlate is a proud sponsor of the TheraPlate Wellness Award at a number of 2015 competitions. “We give the winners an opportunity to try the TheraPlate in their own barn. Most often when they try it, they want to own it.” The base TheraPlate retails around $6,000, which can be paid in monthly installments, making it accessible to almost every horse owner.

TheraPlate also builds custom whole stall units to fit in any size stall, and even building units that fit in slant or straight load trailers for the horse owner who is constantly on the go. There are also TheraPlate units for humans and pets.

For more information about the TheraPlate or to set up a trial, call 800-920-3685 or visit www.theraplate.com.