April 2015 - Got You Covered!
Written by Press Release
Tuesday, 31 March 2015 23:15

Back on Track’s body heat reflecting therapeutic apparel is hot for horses, people and dogs.

Elegant scarf

When Bo Lofvander introduced Back on Track products to the United States, it took a while for people to get it. “Our products use no batteries, have no blinking lights and are not very expensive,” says Bo. Consumers were skeptical.

Fast forward 13 or 14 years, and many of those early skeptics can and do spend their whole day and night benefiting from Back on Track’s products. Ceramic fibers that reflect the body’s own heat are melted into unique Welltex fabric that is now used to make therapeutic apparel for almost every body part, for people, horses and dogs.

Riding gloves

Bo and the U.S. Back on Track team are long over the hump of having to sell people on the concept. The main priorities now are perfecting each application and expanding the line. “We can do advertising and I can tell people my experience with our products,” Bo says. “But if your friend tells you about our products, you are going to believe them more.” And that’s what’s happened, especially when “friends” including Olympic show jumpers Beezie Madden and McLain Ward endorse Back on Track whole heartedly based on their own experience.

Horses can be hoof-to-head covered in Back on Track’s wide-ranging product line. A poll cover, for example, helps ease tension in that sensitive spot behind the ears. Neck wrap and blankets for turn-out, cool-down, fly protection and/or warmth continue the therapeutic effects through the spine, and an array of boots and wraps cover the lower legs. For people, Back On Track has long johns, t-shirts, blankets and mattress overlays, along with everyday and riding gloves and wraps for knees, elbows, ankles, wrists, etc. The line for dogs features leg wraps, blankets and a travel bed.

No matter what body part the Welltex apparel pieces are cut for, the product works in the same way: heat reflection. Welltex fabric is a synergy of ancient Chinese experience and modern scientific textile technology. During the manufacturing of polyester or polyester fibers, ceramic particles are fused into the fibers. When heated by the body’s warmth, the ceramic particles radiate a heat back towards the body. This reflected heat is long-wave heat radiation, also known as long wave infrared radiation. By any name, the process is proven to increase blood circulation in tissues, which helps to relieve muscle tension, improve performance and prevent injuries.

Because the ceramic fibers are melted into the threads of the fabric, they don’t wash out and the products remain effective throughout their life. Bo regularly hears from customers still getting benefits from products purchased 10 or more years ago.

Super durable turn-out sheet

In addition to effectiveness and word-of-mouth praise, shifts toward a proactive approach to horse care have helped Back on Track become the omnipresent success that it is. “Even among those who don’t compete, people have really come to understand that you need to take care of your horse and they’ve seen the benefit to doing things to prevent injuries or problems, rather than waiting until the horse is sore or injured,” says Bo. Compared to when he first started out, “People are more open-minded to this kind of product.”

The applications for the Welltex heat reflective fabric seem limitless. Two of Back on Track’s relatively new products are a turn-out blanket for horses and a scarf for people. The rain-proof turn-out sheet is made of super durable 1600 denier fabric and was an instant hit among horse owners. For people, the scarf and riding gloves are new products that have been especially popular. Back on Track’s neck braces work very well, but Bo admits they may not be in fashion for the social events that are part of the equestrian lifestyle. The scarf is a perfect alternative, offering therapeutic body heat to the neck and shoulders in a fashionable and luxuriously accessory.

The Back on Track team will be on hand at the World Cup Finals in Las Vegas this month. Stop by for more information or if the stresses of watching nail-biting competition are getting the better of you. There will be plenty of products to provide a quick fix for that!

For more information, visit www.backontrackproducts.com.