February 2016 - N’Dura Hoof ProShield
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Tuesday, 02 February 2016 07:21
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Safe, easy-to-use and durable hoof coating prevents and repairs hoof issues.

DM Healthcare Products, Inc., a leading authority on innovative adhesive materials, is proud to introduce its breakthrough new hoof protection product for horses – N’Dura Hoof™ ProShield™. This revolutionary new application is the first-ever UV cured urethane gel that is easy – can be applied by both farriers and horse owners in minutes, fast – cures completely in 30 seconds, and durable – protects and repairs hooves for six-plus weeks. ProShield is also SAFE – with no harsh chemicals or solvents.

ProShield was developed to answer the need for a safe, easy to use and durable hoof coating that prevents and repairs common cracks, chips and splits in the hoof wall. It is also waterproof, prohibiting excess moisture absorption while allowing the hoof to breathe and flex naturally. ProShield was formulated using only the safest ingredients to ensure optimal hoof health. It does not contain solvents, formaldehyde, turpentine or any other harsh chemicals, and it is odor free. This is a bonus for not just the horse, but for the horse owner or farrier who applies it.

N’Dura Hoof ProShield has been tested extensively by both farriers and horse owners across the country. Field testing showed ProShield allowed cracks and chips in the hoof wall to grow out without letting them get any larger or to reoccur. Because it’s strong yet flexible, it holds the hoof together and allows it to flex naturally without cracking from stress. ProShield is ideal for barefoot horses that need extra protection. Applying ProShield over nails on shod horses keeps the nail holes from cracking and also seals out bacteria and moisture.

ProShield’s innovative technology combines both dental adhesive and nail salon gel technologies,  solving the most challenging hoof care issues in one easy to use application. ProShield contains photoinitiators that react when exposed to the specific output of the N’Dura Hoof UV LED Light, creating a strong web of cross-linked adhesive polymers which then harden and secure to the natural hoof surface. ProShield was formulated to last six weeks, the duration between farrier visits, but test results showed it can last even longer

The System

The N’Dura Hoof ProShield System is comprised of ProShield Instant Hoof Protection & Repair and the UV LED Light.

ProShield Instant Hoof Protection & Repair is applied to the exterior hoof wall and is cured for 30 seconds with the N’Dura Hoof LED Light:

•    Easy to use – no mixing or preparation
•    Cures instantly in 30 seconds with the N’Dura Hoof UV LED Light
•    Lasts six-plus weeks
•    Protects against and repairs cracks, chips and splits
•    Safe – no harsh chemicals or solvents
•    Waterproof – provides a protective coating while allowing the hoof to breathe and flex naturally
•    Helps maintain the hoof’s natural moisture balance
•    Stays strong and secure but removes easily when desired by growing out or rasping off

ProShield is being launched with a special offer – buy one can of ProShield, get the UV LED Light ($8.99 value) and shipping free.

The founders of DM Healthcare Products, Inc. have a long history of advanced innovation in the electronic materials, dental adhesive and nail salon gel industries. They are located in San Diego, home to one of the largest horse populations in the country, and manufacture ProShield onsite.

Press release provided by DM Healthcare Products. For more information and to purchase the N’Dura Hoof ProShield System, please visit www.ndurahoof.com or call 858-348-1122.