June 2016 - BB’s Fly Away
Written by CRM
Wednesday, 01 June 2016 06:12
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New product keeps flies and mosquitoes away.

Ann Rogers wasn’t happy with the fly sprays she would bring home from the feed store. Her Tennessee Walker was very sensitive to fly bites and the fly spray irritated him even more. Her Andalusians were especially itchy and allergic to fly bites. She had been using essential oils for her horses for other benefits such as lavender’s calming effect and realized that a blend of essential oils could also be a natural and effective fly and insect repellent.

Essential oils come from plants, trees and flowers and have a built-in natural protection from bugs. Ann created her special proprietary blend with business partner Barb Butler. It is made with lavender, cedarwood, eucalyptus, sandalwood, orange blossom, white fir, coconut and rose flower. These oils are a natural repellent, but they also ease stress, soothe anxiety, relax muscles, treat dry skin, improve mood, encourage circulation, condition skin and coat, relieve itching and minimize scarring. The spray is good for about six hours and great for both horse and rider.

A former analyst for the City of San Diego, Ann has been busy building her new business and has BB’s Fly Away Spray in several San Diego County feed stores including Carter’s, Rancho Jamul Feed and Jamul Feed with more stores adding it to their shelves every month.  Plus, it is available on her website.  She currently has 2 oz., 8oz. and 32 oz. bottles and eye roller balls for around the eyes. Future products are in development.

To find out more about BB’s Fly Away Spray visit FlyAwaySpray.com, FaceBook.com/FlyAwaySpray, or call Ann Rogers at 619-866-9045.