December 2016 - EquiSense Care
Written by CRM
Thursday, 01 December 2016 00:27

Equine bodysuit monitors physiological parameters of the horse at rest.

"What’s going on the 23 hours that I’m not riding my horse,” is the question that brought Equisense Care concept to existence and, as of November, the subject of a Kickstarter fundraising campaign.

“For two years, we have been working on analyzing horses under exertion with the development of our first product, Equisense Motion,” explains Benoît Blancher, CEO of Equisense. “The product gives riders the ability to access objective and reliable information about their training sessions. “

The French company’s newest product, Equisense Care, stems from the reality that “a horse only spends an average of an hour each day under the saddle and 23 hours in his stall--usually alone,” Benoit explains. “We are convinced that the remaining 23 hours have as much impact on the horse’s well-being and health as the one hour of work.”

Building on its experience with Equisense
Motion, the first product launched on
Kickstarter (171,100 Euro) last October, the start-up created in September 2015 and
currently made up of 16 passionate people, continues their purpose to optimize equestrian sport. Equisense Care launched a Kickstarter campaign in November with a funding goal set at 50,000 Euro.

Equisense Care is a connected bodysuit linked to a mobile application, which enables the rider to remotely follow his horse’s activity thanks to behavioral parameters. It also tracks the horse’s stress levels and state of health thanks to physiological parameters (such as heart rate, respiratory rate, and perspiration).

The objective is to learn from the behavior of horses in order to optimize the balance of their lifestyle, reduce their stress and improve their health.

By rising to this new challenge, Equisense hopes to establish itself as the global market leader in connected objects for equestrian sports.

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