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June 2017 - Smart-Trough® Mosquito Pump
Written by CRM
Wednesday, 31 May 2017 05:05
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Simple, solar-power system maintains water troughs for clean, fresh water that is critical to horse health and mosquito abatement.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. With a Smart-Trough Mosquito Pump, though, you can significantly increase the odds that the horse will want to drink.

This solar-powered innovation creates the characteristics of a free-flowing river in horses’ existing water sources. A submerged pump oxygenates the water and the constant recirculation eliminates the growth of algae and makes the water source unappealing to mosquitoes and other pests. The end result is clean, fresh water that horses want to drink, promoting good digestive function and overall good health through ample water consumption.

May 2017 - Skin Issues
Written by Jochen Schleese CMS, CSFT, CEE
Friday, 28 April 2017 20:13
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Skin issues are one of many problems when the saddle doesn’t fit.

by Jochen Schleese CMS, CSFT, CEE. ©2017 Saddlefit 4 Life® All Rights Reserved

A horse’s sense of touch is much more sensitive than a human’s. Think about the reaction when a fly lands – which weighs really nothing when you think about it, and yet the horse flicks a muscle to get rid of the feeling. It stands to reason that the horse will notice the slightest pressure and react to subtle weight changes when the rider gives an aid. It’s almost like the princess with the pea – and consider how painful it must be to have a lump in the panel flocking that continually presses into its back.

February 2017 - Welcome Natural Fiber Feeds
Written by CRM
Tuesday, 31 January 2017 06:59
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Emerald Valley Natural Health sponsors HITS Triple Crown of Show Jumping & exhibits at Horse Expo Pomona Feb. 3-5.

Emerald Valley is pleased to announce their sponsorship of the HITS Triple Crown of Show Jumping Circuits for 2017. HITS produces three of the richest grand prix in the world with the AIG $1 Million Grand Prix in Thermal, CA, Great American $1 Million Grand Prix in Ocala, FL and Saugerties $1 Million Grand Prix FEI CSI-5* in Saugerties, NY – all forming the HITS Triple Crown of Show Jumping.

January 2017 - Better Bedding Tip
Written by Jennifer Roberts
Friday, 30 December 2016 01:16
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Barn Lime is outdated and ineffective against ammonia build-up.

by Jennifer Roberts

Are you still using barn lime in an attempt to control the ammonia in your horse’s environment? Quite frankly, this archaic method of odor control just doesn’t cut it anymore.

December 2016 - Profiles in Protection
Written by Nan Meek
Thursday, 01 December 2016 00:31
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Tom Meyers and APF Pro are essential members of winning teams at the highest levels.

by Nan Meek

London 2012 was memorable for Tom Meyers for two reasons: One, his client Akiko Yamazaki’s horse Ravel and Steffen Peters brought home the highest US dressage score of the Games. Two, noted equine sports therapist Doug Hannum introduced Tom to APF Pro from Auburn Laboratories, Inc.

November 2016 - Accidents Happen
Written by CRM
Tuesday, 01 November 2016 02:18
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New Farnam Purishield wound care line delivers revolutionary wound protection.

Accidents can happen to even the most protected horses, and at times when you least expect it. When injuries occur, make sure your horse has the protection of Farnam’s new PuriShield™ wound care products.

June 2016 - A Clean Slate
Written by CRM
Wednesday, 01 June 2016 06:14
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Tips for a Tidy Barn

by Jennifer Roberts

The birds are singing and the flowers are blooming. But does your barn still feel like it has the winter blues?

If your barn is in need of an overhaul, but you’d rather spend time in saddle; you have come to the right place. We have a few tips and tricks to freshen up your barn in no time at all.

May 2016 - Deworming Developments
Written by Rebecca Brundidge
Saturday, 30 April 2016 19:10
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A new method incorporates fecal egg counts and helps counter rise in resistance.

by Rebecca Brundidge, complements of Summit Equine Nutrition, LLC

Every three months, you find yourself staring at a shelf full of dewormers with more questions than answers. More often than not, you grab for a familiar-sounding wormer such as an ivermectin like Zimectrin®, a fenbendazole like Panacure®, or a moxidectin like Quest®. Although each of these wormers has their own purpose, few know which anthelmintic to use at what time. It turns out, this method of routine worming has inadvertently led to problems with parasite resistance.

April 2016 - Farnam Celebrates 70th Anniversary
Written by CRM
Thursday, 31 March 2016 01:11
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Horse care company is going strong.

Proud to partner with horse owners in quality horse care for seven decades, Farnam plans to celebrate all year long.

April 2016 - Fitness Tip: Equine Posture
Written by Julie Weisz
Thursday, 31 March 2016 00:06
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Just as with humans, posture is critical to comfort, performance and injury prevention in horses.

by Julie Weisz

Horses were not designed to carry riders on their backs. They can do so easily and joyously with the proper muscle development, but unless care is taken in that development, it can lead to many problems.

May 2017 - Hoofing It Through Hot & Cold
Written by Tab Pigg
Friday, 28 April 2017 20:17
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Pour-in materials can mitigate the impact of changing weather on hoof health.

by Tab Pigg

Seasonal weather changes have a major effect on a horse’s hoof health. Depending on the time of year, horses’ hooves change and may require extra attention and treatment. Neglecting environmental factors can lead to sole deterioration or other harmful consequences. When it comes to a horse’s environment, there are two main seasonal factors that impact hoof health: temperature and moisture.

February 2017 - Perfect Prep EQ Gold Pellets
Written by CRM
Tuesday, 31 January 2017 07:01
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The power of paste with the convenience of pellets.

Many riders and trainers have come to rely on Perfect Prep formulas to help calm their horses’ show nerves. Few, however, will say they enjoy giving their horses oral paste to achieve this effect.

February 2017 - Wellpride Comes West
Written by CRM
Tuesday, 31 January 2017 06:57
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Florida producer of fresh fish oil for horses looks forward to Horse Expo Pomona visit.

Wellpride, which makes fresh omega-3 fish oil for horses, will be attending the Western States Horse Expo in Pomona, Feb 3-5. Wellpride invites all attendees to visit Booth #7103 in Building 7 for show specials and samples.
The Western States Horse Expo will be Wellpride’s first expo on the West Coast since 2007.

January 2017 - Kissing Spine & Hunter’s Bump
Written by Jochen Schleese
Friday, 30 December 2016 01:11
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Poor riding and poor saddle fit can contribute to equine back injuries.

As was mentioned in a recent article in California Riding Magazine (Nov. 2016) concerning gullet channel width, the issue of kissing spine is something that is of concern to many riders – and is very closely related to this saddle fit issue. I have recently come across an inordinate amount of horses where this issue occurred and was, of course, not helped – indeed exacerbated – by poorly fitting saddles.

December 2016 - EquiSense Care
Written by CRM
Thursday, 01 December 2016 00:27
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Equine bodysuit monitors physiological parameters of the horse at rest.

"What’s going on the 23 hours that I’m not riding my horse,” is the question that brought Equisense Care concept to existence and, as of November, the subject of a Kickstarter fundraising campaign.

November 2016 - More Muscle & Strength
Written by CRM
Tuesday, 01 November 2016 02:14
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New study reports that whole body vibration improves equine topline.

According to a report published in Equine Veterinary Education, a journal for equine veterinary clinicians, whole body vibration (WBV) provides benefits in horses including improved size and symmetry of equine back muscles (more specifically the m. multifidus), which may ultimately lead to improved performance, prevent injuries and speed up rehabilitation.

June 2016 - BB’s Fly Away
Written by CRM
Wednesday, 01 June 2016 06:12
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New product keeps flies and mosquitoes away.

Ann Rogers wasn’t happy with the fly sprays she would bring home from the feed store. Her Tennessee Walker was very sensitive to fly bites and the fly spray irritated him even more. Her Andalusians were especially itchy and allergic to fly bites. She had been using essential oils for her horses for other benefits such as lavender’s calming effect and realized that a blend of essential oils could also be a natural and effective fly and insect repellent.

May 2016 - Fitness Tip: Healthy Back
Written by CRM
Saturday, 30 April 2016 19:08
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Tips for preventing & treating back pain.

“For people who are active and have never had back pain, it’s difficult to realize the importance of proactively protecting their spine,” says Anthony Mazlish, CEO of Healthy Back. “Once you’re hurt and you can’t do the things you love – like horseback riding – you realize how important it is to be proactive.”

While activity can injure your spine, so can sitting at a desk for long hours or even standing for long hours. Mazlish has tips to help with both:

April 2016 - Streamline Stable Management
Written by CRM
Thursday, 31 March 2016 01:10
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Electronic Vet’s web-based vaccination records generate USEF Perks partnership.

Electronic Vet is pleased to announce their partnership with the United States Equestrian Federation. With this new partnership, Electronic Vet will be a coveted member of the USEF Perks program, which is exclusive to USEF members. Together Electronic Vet and USEF share the same passion and focus on bettering the equine community by ensuring all horses are vaccinated on a fair and consistent basis, while providing a secure, safe, easy to use system.

April 2016 - Sports Psychology Tip: Mind & Body
Written by Timmie Pollock
Thursday, 31 March 2016 00:02
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Biofeedback is a new tool and you don’t need expensive equipment to use it.

by Timmie Pollock

Riding is a very challenging sport. Not only do riders need strength, balance, coordination and good timing, we must also effectively manage emotions such as fear and anger.

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