September 2018 - Showiest of Show Horses
Written by CRM
Thursday, 30 August 2018 04:25


Andalusian World Cup brings beauties to Las Vegas.

Andalusian World Cup, Sept. 19-22 in Las Vegas, is a premiere horse show that boasts one of the largest gatherings of Iberian horses in the nation. The show is home to Andalusians, Friesians, Lusitanos, Partbreds and many more breeds. Despite being a breed show, it offers open Dressage and Working Equitation, making it a fun and diverse show.


For spectators, there is always something fascinating to watch. Andalusians are known for their inherent beauty -- the long manes and tails, their perfectly arched necks, their kind eye and sweet disposition.

But you need to see them live to fully appreciate this breed. Their expressive natural movement really shines through in the show ring.

“I never miss this show. The exhibitors are so nice and love sharing stories about their horses. There’s no place else where I get to see all the horses from my childhood dreams!” says three-time spectator Beth Schutte.

In addition to Andalusian horses, AWC offers an inside look at the sister breed, Lusitano. Lusitano horses were bred in Portugal and have begun to make a name for themselves in the dressage world. Their exceptional work effort, intelligent minds, and natural athletic ability makes these horses a delight to watch.

“As a dressage rider, I’ve been keeping my eye on this breed for the last couple of years. Some of the best scores in my area right now are from horses who have either Andalusian or Lusitano blood in them.

I’m going to the Andalusian World Cup this year to talk to breeders to find my next dressage horse. The show gives me the opportunity to see these horses in action before I buy,” says Caryn Von Der Bruegge.

The Andalusian World Cup show features many riding styles in different rings. Spectators will always have something exciting to watch. The show opens on Wednesday with an open USDF Dressage show and continues through Saturday evening. Spectators can watch Working Equitation, a three phase event featuring obstacles, which is the fastest growing equine sport in the world.

The AWC classes feature Western, English, and Saddleseat classes for all age divisions. And you’ll want to be sure to stay for the Grand Finale Supreme Championship classes on Saturday evening. These classes offer cash prizes and beautiful awards, including a silver-clad trophy saddle!

The prize list for this show surpasses anything seen within the Iberian horse community with four custom show saddles, show coolers, ribbons, trophies, and prize money worth over $60,000. The hospitality and environment for this show is also first rate.

“Our driving force is to not only present a show that is well worth going to, but one that surpasses people’s expectations,” says show host Kevin Kidder. “It is all about the community and the experience, putting the exhibitors and spectators first.”

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