February 2015 - Emotional Fitness Super Clinic
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Wednesday, 04 February 2015 07:54

Linda Parelli & equestrian sports psychologist Dr. Jenny Susser coming to Cali.

Something big is happening in California in Feb. 27-March 1. It is a one of kind clinic for horse and rider called the Emotional Fitness Super Clinic. The two and half day clinic, presented by equine behavioral specialist, Linda Parelli, and renowned equestrian sports psychologist, Dr. Jenny Susser, is two fold, addressing instincts in both horses and riders. Linda Parelli will present powerful strategies to turn almost any horse into a willing partner, while Dr. Jenny Susser will teach riders how to identify and release emotional blocks and actually transform them into empowering tools.

Linda Parelli explores how as prey animals horses are genetically programmed to be fearful, and then teaches strategies to help horses overcome this panic default.  The behavioral techniques that she teaches make it possible to work through nervousness, tension and fear to overcome difficult behaviors like shying, bucking, rearing, balking, etc. and help the horse become a confident partner.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jenny Susser addresses the fact that negativity is also an innate survival instinct for people, too. Dr. Susser empowers riders to overcome this instinct and teaches tools to make empowering thoughts a lifelong habit. In a fun and engaging format, Dr. Susser helps riders unlock the true reason for their limitations, frustrations, fear, or lack of progress. She leaves attendees with a powerful toolkit to become an emotionally fit leader for their horse and everything else they choose to accomplish in life. The results are profound and immediate for all levels of riders!

The Emotional Fitness Super Clinic will take place at the Industry Hills Expo Center in City of Industry. The event starts on Friday evening Feb. 27 and the workshops run all day Sat. Feb. 28 and Sun. March 1. The event is a limited engagement clinic with only two other U.S. events planned for 2015. The first Emotional Fitness Super Clinic took place in 2014 in Canada and attendees described the event as “life changing.” Here are excerpts from few riders:

“Since the Emotional Fitness clinic, I’ve made a lot of progress in my way of thinking and in my self-confidence. I’ll never forget Dr, Jenny talking about our “inner voice” and about how the most powerful thing you say is what you say to yourself - and that we should choose our words wisely. It’s amazing what a difference that makes. Thanks Linda and Dr. Jenny for everything you’ve done for me, my horse and everyone else you inspire.”

“Since the Emotional Fitness clinic with Linda and Dr. Jenny I feel like I am on the path to becoming a true student of the horse! And at the same time, Dr. Jenny increased my awareness of how I speak to myself. I am absolutely astonished at the depth of relationship I now have with my horses and the confidence and peace I have moving forward to achieving the little goals - and the big ones! I can’t thank you both enough! To others: if you get a chance to attend an Emotional Fitness Clinic - give yourself and your horse the best piece of education you will ever find and go!“

Linda Parelli explains more,  “No matter what level rider you are or what challenges you are facing with your horse, you’ll learn strategies for getting your horse calmer, more connected, and more responsive, while also developing your personal emotional fitness and the ability to stay level headed when things go wrong”. “My amazing co-presenter, Dr. Jenny Susser reads people like we read horses. She is a dynamic, provocative, sensitive, engaging and powerful teacher. Dr. Jenny gets right to the root of what’s limiting the rider in their beliefs, fears, preconceptions and she shows you how to overcome these blocks and get back on track with the dream that got you into horses in the first place.”

In the end the aim of the Emotional Fitness Super Clinic is teach riders how to develop emotional fitness in themselves and their horses.  Check out the video of Linda Parelli and Dr. Jenny Susser and learn more about this “life changing” event or register to be a part of it at http://www.parelli.com/emotional-fitness-clinics-ca.html or call 800-642-3335.

The Emotional Fitness Super Clinic has all the right ingredients and promises to be the ultimate mix of horse education, personal growth and positive solutions to enjoy your horse and life even more.

Article provided by Parelli Natural Horsemanship.