June 2021 - Genuine Farms & ChuckUms®
Written by by Cheryl Erpelding
Thursday, 27 May 2021 21:54

Interview with hunter/jumper trainer and entrepreneur Kristi Frishman.

by Cheryl Erpelding

Riding Magazine: What made you become a trainer?

Kristi: I was born obsessed with horses and by the age of 5 I knew I wanted to be a horse trainer. My parents showed their displeasure by telling me straight out, “That’s a stupid profession!” Thankfully,they did support my passion and allowed me to ride and show with Olympian Rob Gage and Cindy Grossman as a kid. Later,  I did follow their advice to go to UCLA and studied Kinesiology, which is the physiology of motion. I did love what I learned there but, it didn’t take long for me to lose interest in my “real”  job in health care as my  heart was with the horses. I began riding again as an amateur and trained with Michael Patrick at Blue Fox Farm before going to work as an assistant to Mary Morrison at Ivy Gate Farm. I was blessed during this time with Mary to work with Victor Hugo Vidal.

Riding Magazine: What makes your program at Genuine Farms unique?

Kristi: First and foremost, I love the horses and approach my training from the angle of the horse’s perspective. If they are treated with respect as a partner and physically comfortable they will enjoy their job more and perform better.  If they don’t feel good,  aren’t enjoying their work, or are spooky, there’s probably an underlying issue. I choose problem solving over domination. I am also really blessed to have the support of Katie Tayler both at home and at the shows.  She’s a super talent and has an amazing connection with the horses.

My studies in Kinesiology included a big dose of biomechanics and physiology which trained me to have a good eye for details and angles and a deeper  understanding of soundness issues with the horses. My program is very individualized to focus on the needs of each horse and rider. My barn also has a wonderful intimate family atmosphere.

Riding Magazine: You created a product, tell me about it?

Kristi: Out of a real need in my own barn  I, with the help of a few other horse women,  came up with ChuckUms® - Multi use Disposable Bandages for horses. This all started after coming back from Thermal a few years ago and one of the nice big geldings I had imported destroyed his third pair of brand new standing wraps. The idea literally just popped into my head, “Huggies for horses!” We researched the market and couldn’t find anything out there patent wise, so we  filed for a patent three years ago and went on to create ChuckUms®.

The product is quite unique and has been well received especially by veterinarians and rehab facilities.  It’s made with medical grade antimicrobial material that repels dirt and moisture so it works great for scratches, fungus, cellulitis and all types of wound care.  While we are looking for materials that are fully biodegradable that perform as well as what we are currently using,. It is now made of at least  65% recycled plastic bottles. ChuckUms® are multi use. If you need a clean wrap you’ve got it but if it’s just day to day I use them for about a week before I toss them. The disposable product saves gallons and gallons of water and diminishes the need for bleach which is toxic to the horses skin and to the environment. And, I no longer have to look at a pile of filthy wraps at the end of the horse show.

Riding Magazine: Where do you see it going?
Kristi: I see this product as a staple in every barn. The product is better for the horse’s legs and veterinary clinics appreciate the value ChuckUms® bring, especially in wound care and therapeutic treatments for their patients. I’ve been making samples and playing with materials to make sure we have the best product possible.  We are about ready to launch on a bigger scale. I’ve had a desire to invent something for many years and this is a new exciting adventure.

Riding Magazine: After many years at Sycamore Trails, you have been at Coto De Caza Equestrian Preserve. Tell us about that:

Kristi: I relocated to Coto De Caza Equestrian Preserve about three years ago. It’s a beautiful parklike facility with lots of trees and open space, two covered arenas, lots of turnout paddocks and access to miles of trails. My horses are very happy at Coto where they get to live in giant stalls with boxes and runs.  The facility is much quieter and more peaceful for the horses than the previous facility.

I love going to the shows.  I am really good at matching horses and riders and developing young/green horses.

I currently have openings for training and consignment horses.

To learn more about Genuine Farms visit www.GenuineFarms.com or call Kristi 949-212-3435.

To learn more about ChuckUms® visit www.ChuckUms.com.



“We are so grateful for everything Kristi at Genuine Farms has taught us. She has the perfect mix of challenging the horse and rider while always ensuring a safe and fun experience.  She cares for each horse with great compassion and attention that you would not expect from a trainer.  Whether you are just learning or already competing in Hunter or Jumper Shows, Kristi is right by your side supporting your goals. To top it off, the Coto De Caza equestrian center is by far the most beautiful facility in Orange County to ride.” -Jennifer Farr

“I have been with this trainer, Kristi Frishman, for quite some time. I had experienced many trainers before her and none had an attention to detail and safety like Kristi. She is an amazing rider and her barn is very friendly and welcoming to children and adults alike. Her horses are very well trained & they receive excellent care.  She is one of the most honest people I have met in this business.” -Joann Goltermann

“I have ridden with Kristi at Genuine Farms in Coto de Caza for over 5 years and she has been a wonderful thoughtful trainer. She has helped me find the perfect horse and worked with me to increase my confidence and encouraged me back into the show ring!!   Our horses receive the best care and safety is a top priority. I highly recommend this training program!” -Kim Nagle