February 2020 - Galway Downs Fundraising Clinic
Written by CRM
Saturday, 01 February 2020 19:31
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Eventing riders jumped on the chance to ride with Ian Stark and about 20 regional professionals Jan. 18-19 during Galway Downs’ 21st annual fundraising clinic in Temecula. Throughout the weekend, small groups of students and coaches roamed the cross-country track to refine their skills over segments of the track. Private dressage coaching was also available, and plenty of unmounted auditors picked up tips, too.



Junior rider Meg Pellegrini enjoys private dressage work with Ian Stark.

Galway Downs-based professional and popular teacher Nick Cwick.

Arizona-based young rider Jordan Crabo brings a young horse along under the direction of her mom, Barb Crabo.

Boldly going into one of Galway Downs' many interesting jump complexes.

Air to spare over the coffin jump.

Barb Crabo teaches by example with lovely form.