October 2020 - Congratulations to the 2020 LEGIS League Dressage Finalists!
Written by photos: Tamara with the Camera
Thursday, 01 October 2020 05:05


The Starr Vaughn Summer Dressage Finale, Aug. 21-23, at Starr Vaughn Equestrian Center in Elk Grove, CA, was proud to host the 2020 LEGIS League Dressage Finals. The LEGIS League is a popular awards program sponsored by LEGISequine.com, Horsemen Insuring Horsemen. Since 2018, LEGIS League Dressage has expanded to include 12 categories – encompassing all levels from Training Level through Prix St. Georges for juniors, amateurs, and professionals. Finalists enjoy special recognition and prizes, including embroidered saddle pads, jackets, and hats.


Mark your calendars for an upcoming opportunity to qualify for the 2021 LEGIS League Finals! You can start earning points at the Starr Vaughn Fall Dressage (Nov. 7-8, 2020). For more information or to join online, visit www.legisleague.com.


Look for additional qualifying shows coming soon as the LEGIS League expands its dressage program. You can join now and start earning points to qualify for the Finals. If you have suggestions for shows that you would like to see LEGIS League classes at, please reach out to our LEGIS League Coordinator, Danielle Skaar, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Julia Mineikis & Fragipani - Champion, Intermediate I & II/Grand Prix FEI Open.

Katrina Ragsdale & Wrigley - Champion, Second/Third Level Junior.

Josh Albrecht & Indea KS - Champion, Training/First Level Junior.

Alexandra Duarte & Q Sieben - Champion, Training/First Level Adult Amateur.