September 2021 - Let’s Show News Its Countdown Time for the Big 3
Written by courtesy of Let’s Show
Wednesday, 01 September 2021 00:52
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courtesy of Let’s Show

Fall Festival
Sept 16-19
Fall Festival prize list is available on the Brookside Show Park website ( and Let’s Show website ( It’s a new date and a new feel with lots of exciting classes and giveaways including hosting the SAHJA Grebitus Cup.

Fall Festival is an NSBA approved show. The NSBA has so much to offer and give back to the exhibitors. Just one of the programs to highlight is for the Junior members. A junior will pay a one time $25.00 enrollment fee to join the “Smart Points” program which enables them to start a “savings plan.” The program credits money (in 2021 to date the amount is $27.67 per point) for each ribbon won in an NSBA approved class. The point-money is deposited into the Junior account and is paid out to them directly when they turn 18. The NSBA has many other programs available and for more information. We encourage you to please take a moment to look at the website ( East Coast shows are already transitioning to NSBA and this year, along with Almaden, the 2 Fall Shows (Fall Festival & Fall Finale) are NSBA approved. The goal is next year to have ALL Let’s Show & Brookside shows NSBA approved and look forward to the benefits for exhibitors.

Fall Finale: October 13-17
Halloween Championship Show: October 27-31