August 2015 - Franktown Meadows Hunter Derby Weekend
Written by Lindsay Y. McCall
Monday, 03 August 2015 21:02
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Hope Glynn Rides Carson to a long deserved blue at the $25,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby and Jenny Karazissis Earns Fifth Consecutive Win at the $2,500 National Hunter Derby

by Lindsay Y. McCall

In its sixth year the Franktown Meadows Hunter Derby Weekend became its best year yet. Over 100 horse and rider combinations participated in the Weekend of Equestrian Excellence including two United States Equestrian Team members and multiple top hunter professionals. Held June 27-28 at the Franktown Meadows Equestrian Facility in Carson City, NV, the Franktown Meadows Hunter Derby continues to be the only stand-alone hunter derby on the West Coast. It has become an important stop on many rider’s schedule due to the competition, vacation style relaxed atmosphere for horses and riders, and quality event. Many of the equestrians have been a part of the derby since the beginning, including 2015 International winner Hope Glynn and National winner Jenny Karazissis.

Jenny Karazissis and Undeniable Photo: Lindsay Y. McCall

Hugh Mutch and Dinner for Two

On opening day at the Franktown Meadows Equestrian Facility, the $500 Welcome Stake, sponsored by Breakaway Farms, introduced the horses and riders to the large grass field and beautiful course design by Phil DeVita. The horses were able to open up their stride and carry their athletes over the natural obstacles reminiscent of the historical fox hunting that the hunter derby sport descended from. Olympian Buddy Brown of Derby Hill and his own Finally Ours topped the Welcome Stake that Saturday morning.

Equestrians came back that afternoon to a large crowd of onlookers prepared to view the $2,500 National Hunter Derby sponsored by Maplewood Stables, Inc.. Jenny Karazissis and Undeniable have held the title for National and International winner for the past few years and the duo came back this year with new owner Noah Cyrus of Hope Town Farms of Burbank. The pair once again garnered the win taking home a handful of prizes. They also were participants in the Kastel “Wear It and Win It Challenge” where the wearing of a Kastel shirt and winning the class resulted in a donation of $500 to the Food Bank of Northern Nevada.

The MacLean Family has hosted the Franktown Meadows Hunter Derby weekend since the 2010 inaugural year. The family is deeply rooted in the Nevada Community and the hunter sport. Each year they honor the hunter sport tradition and give back to the community with all proceeds from the weekend benefiting the Food Bank of Northern Nevada. From the VIP experience to the equestrian accommodations the MacLean family provides a first-class event for everyone.

Jennifer Paris and Pompeia

Buddy Brown and Finally Ours

The feature event, the $25,000 International Hunter Derby Sponsored by the MacLean Family and Franktown Meadows, included a sold-out VIP tent and a throng of ticket holders.

Hope Glynn has been a part of this derby since the beginning and acknowledged, “There are very few shows that exist in the U.S. that are true stand-alone derbies. There is this one and the one in Chicago. Events like this are for the public, for the charity, for the riders, and for the horse. There are very few shows that go into making a show a special event. Many shows are out there to make money. The horses enjoy being here, the riders enjoy being here, we all went out to dinner, all the guys went golfing, it was a really fun weekend. Whether you come out winning or losing you like being here and you want to come back.”

For Hope Glynn, the 2015 USHJA International Hunter Derby was one to remember. The duo of Glynn and Carson, owned by Sabrina Hellman, topped the field winning the $25,000 International Franktown Meadows Hunter Derby on June 28. Glynn was in third going into the handy round with Karazissis and Undeniable in first and Hugh Mutch and Dinner for Two, owned by Rebecca Reyes, in second. The handy round consisted of 10 obstacles and four options. Glynn and Carson had a forward and consistent ride and chose the tighter turns and three options. Glynn earned a 199 to take over the lead before waiting for Hugh Mutch and Jenny Karazissis to take their turns. Hugh Mutch and Dinner for Two completed a strong course and took each option but their score would keep them in the second place position. Former winner Undeniable stepped forward and the beginning of the course was looking great. At jump seven Karazissis was headed to the in and out and hit the rail on the oxer on the out, knocking her chances for another victory gallop and earning an eighth place finish overall.  Hope Glynn’s scores were superb giving her and Carson the win.

Lauren Raggio and Cincenatty

Tommi Clark and Exemplar

Glynn recalled, “It’s the first time I only had one in the derby which is strange for me but they say you only need one to win. My biggest concern was with the change of altitude and the length of the course. I was concerned the horses could get a little winded towards the end of the course, but he felt great. There was a high option at the end and I knew I would take it if I felt he still had enough energy. Anytime you get to come home as the winner it’s always a good day for you. I wasn’t a winner on Saturday, I had some mistakes, and I had some spooky horses in the National. So to be able to turn around and come out with the win in the big class was great. I think one of the real motivating factors was that every time I walked in the ring Mike Moran, the announcer, pulled out that I was third the last three years here, that gave me the push to ride a little bit better. It was a good day and I am really happy for my horse. Carson is truly a gentleman of an animal and an amazing big horse.”

United States Equestrian Team rider Hugh Mutch and Dinner for Two earned the second place maintaining a consistent ride on each round in the International, taking all four options. Mutch held the second spot through the end with his exceptional derby horse. Mutch commented, “Dinner for Two is a veteran; He is a steady Eddy.”

Over the weekend Mutch showed multiple horses. Unlike Glynn, this was his first trip to Franktown Meadows. “This is an awesome venue here. I am glad we came.”

Ashlin Bowen and King Lion Heart

Eleanore Hellman and Channing

Participants walked away from the 2015 Franktown Meadows Hunter Derby weekend looking forward to the 2016 calendar year. The MacLean Family is thankful to all of the riders, volunteers, trainers, spectators, vendors, and workers that made the 2015 Franktown Meadows Hunter derby a success.

Results from the $25,000 Franktown Meadows USHJA International Hunter Derby, by the MacLean Family, MacLean Financial Group, and Franktown Meadows.
1. Hope Glynn & Carson
2. Hugh Mutch & Dinner For Two
3. Buddy Brown & Finally Ours
4. Kristin Hardin & Gambler’s Choice
5. Eleanor Hellman & Nigel
6. Eleanor Hellman & Channing
7. Kristin Hardin & Caruso’s Barichello Z
8. Jenny Karazissis & Undeniable
9. Tommi Clark & Exemplar
10. Julie Winkel & Good To Know
11. Ashlin Bowen & Osilvia
12. Jenifer Paris & Pompeia

Hope Glynn and Carson

Kristin Hardin and Gamblers Choice