October 2015 - Ransome Reigns
Written by Kim F. Miller
Wednesday, 30 September 2015 21:30
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Ransome Rombauer and Lalonde

Platinum Performance/USEF Show Jumping Talent Search Finals West.

report and photos by Kim F. Miller

Ransome Rombauer continued her ascent in the equitation and jumping rings with a victory in the Platinum Performance/USEF Show Jumping Talent Search Finals West. They were held during the International Jumping Festival at the Rancho Mission Viejo Riding Park, Sept. 18-19, in San Juan Capistrano.

Second place finishers Savannah Jenkins & Vandor.

International jumping is not a sport for sissies and, as a preparation for that pursuit, the Show Jumping Talent Search demands ability, nerve and consistency in its four phases. After tests on the flat and in a gymnastics phase, 20 riders came through to a final jumping round on Saturday.

After the first two rounds, Ransome had been ranked third, behind Savannah Jenkins and Eve Jobs in the one and two slots. Megan Hilton sat fourth, followed by Mitch Endicott, Michael Williamson and Genevieve Meyer.

The field was dominated by Californians, but it was nice to see top riders from Texas, Oregon, Washington and Nevada in the mix. Refusals and rails were frequent through about two thirds of the class.

Designed by Debbie Stephens and Alex Jayne, the 16-effort course had a little bit of everything: holding lines, bold striding, galloping stretches and bending tracks, with also the requisite Liverpool and a water obstacle that ended one rider’s day on a wet note.

After the round of 20, six returned for a soundness jog. The top four of those returned for a work-off course of 10 efforts, once on their own horse, then again on each of their competitor’s horses.

Mitch Endicott rode to a fourth place finish. He’s pictured here in the horse-swapping work-off aboard Eve Jobs’ Esprit 373.

Eve Jobs on Esprit 373 finished third.

Ransome was joined in the work-off by Savannah, Eve and Mitch, and that’s how the final four placings stood after all the horse swapping was done.

We were impressed with the smooth outcomes of all the rounds, after a few minutes warm-up, over two fences, before each go. Congratulations to all!

It was another day in paradise at the Riding Park. Beautiful weather, lovely setting and great competition with a good sprinkling of fans beyond exhibitors and their families. And this was a few hours before the marquee event, the $30,000 1.4M Markel Insurance Grand Prix, won by Lane Clarke and MH Wardance.

As residential development sprouts up around this jewel of a venue, the appealing shows staged there can only help expand the fan base for our sport and, hopefully, secure its place in the community.



Megan Hilton & Cantoblanco return for the jog and, later, a fifth place ribbon.

Michael Williamson & Long Island Ice Tea were sixth.

The Final Four: Mitch, Eve, Ransome & Savannah walk the work-off round, which they each did on their own horse, then on everybody else’s.

Peyton Warren and Lysander 99 were ninth.

Not a good day for everybody. Happily, this rider walked away from the unplanned swim to fight another day!

Genevieve Meyer followed the previous Saturday’s Maclay Regional win with a seventh-placed effort.