May 2016 - Tara Bemoll: Bravado Farms
Written by Cheryl Erpelding
Saturday, 30 April 2016 19:31

Sales, training, horsemanship and success distinguish young professional’s program.

by Cheryl Erpelding

Junior rider Amelia Faircloth was happy to get the ride on a new sale horse in her barn last month. Trainer Tara Bemoll gave her long time student a couple of schools on Stanwick and off to Blenheim’s Spring Classic III they went.

Not only did they do well, they ended up dominating the older Children’s Hunter Division earning the championship ribbon, plus they won the SmartPak Grand Children’s Hunter Championship and the SmartPak High Score Children’s Hunter Award with an 87 score for their last over-fences trip. Ameila was the first rider ever to win all of these awards on the same horse. They also finished second in the Children’s Hunter Classic. After the show, several prospects have shown interest and a sale is likely in the near future for Stanwick.

Selling horses has been Tara Bemoll’s key to success from her early riding years. Her parents had working class jobs and a budget for her horse passion was limited. They couldn’t buy Tara top dollar show horses but they worked overtime and drove Tara to the barn for her working student duties and lessons.

Tara was hooked on horses. She began riding in Southern California as a 6-year-old and by the time she was 12 she started riding with hunter/jumper trainer Shayne Berridge-Wireman in North San Diego County. A year later Tara began her sale horse business as a way to keep herself in the saddle and support her sport.

She first started selling her friends’ trail horses and realized this was a good way to make money. By the time she was 14, she had sellers sending her horses to sell and buyers flying in to see the horses she had for sale. Soon she also bought her own investment horses and put in training and sold them for a profit.  She handled the entire sales process.

Out-of-town buyers would ask her if she could pick them up at the airport, but since she was not driving yet, she would let them know that she would have a car available for them. When they arrived to see the horse, the buyers were always stunned to see that a teenager was the agent and actually represented the horse accurately and professionally.

Tara also worked for Sandi Nisson, Kelly James, Liz Hutchison and Lane Clarke’s dad, Allen Clarke, for whom she rode and did sale horses for. When she decided it was time to go pro, Lane Clarke told Tara to ask Mickey Hayden for a job and she was hired immediately.

Mickey knew of Tara’s excellent work ethic, entrepreneurism and determination and was happy to have her on his team. But after a year of working in Orange County, Tara wanted to be back in San Diego. She landed a spot working with Alicia Saxton at Oceancrest Farms, where she rode, went to the shows, handled sales and took care of the barn at home for three years. She was happy to work at Oceancrest Farms, but as her confidence and skills as a professional grew she was encouraged by Alicia and others to go out on her own.

In 2013 she started Bravado Farms in North San Diego County and last year moved in to Del Mar Horsepark where her business is steadily growing.

Passion For Teaching, Too

Selling horses is Tara’s passion but she is also very dedicated to her students. Amelia was Tara’s first student when she set up her business and Amelia and her parents are like family to Tara. Amelia bought one of Tara’s first ponies. Tara really makes sure to help all her students and especially those that may not come with big riding budgets. Tara says, “I am always willing to work with the kids that have drive and aren’t afraid to put in the hard work and I find ways to help them achieve their goals.”

“Tara simply has a gift for training,” says Amelia. “I’ve been riding with her for about three years now and my improvement has been extremely substantial, not only in my riding but in my overall horsemanship knowledge as well. She puts a lot of emphasis on flatwork, which I know for me has made a significant difference in how I am able to handle myself over fences. To Tara, our ability to ride well is only half of her concern. She makes sure that everyone knows how to properly groom and care for our horses to ensure their comfort and safety. The overall barn environment is extremely relaxed and welcoming.  We often have ‘barn days,’ when we go out as a group and play around. It can be anything from racing go-carts at Boomers or team scavenger hunts around the Horsepark. I honestly couldn’t imagine riding anywhere other than Bravado Farms.

“Without the help and constant support from Tara I would never have been able to have been as successful at the Oaks as I was,” Amelia continues. “She gave me the skills necessary to be able to compete on a horse I had only ridden a couple of times prior, not to mention giving me the opportunity to ride a horse as great as Stanley in the first place!  Her help has really been what has made me the rider I am today.”

Horsemanship is a key component to Tara’s program. All the students learn how to tack up their horses, clean tack, pull manes, clip the horses, prepare for the show ring, and care for injured or rehabilitating horses. Tara spent hours working as a groom for barn mates and teaches all her skills when it comes to all aspects of the horses care. Whether knowing about the supplements, types of shoes, veterinary care, types of bits and more, it isn’t just about riding.

Tara was selected for the inaugural USHJA Emerging Athletes Program. Horse care questions were asked of the riders by clinician Melanie Smith Taylor. Tara was surprised to see how many top junior riders didn’t know the answers to any of the questions. Tara’s years as a hard working student had paid off, as she was confident that she knew the answers and makes sure she teaches the same things to her students.

Helping Tara keep her horses in top shape are Melodee Ingram, DVM, and farrier Blair Cooper. Tara has some nice lesson horses, in-barn leases, openings for sale horses and also for horses and riders in training.

To find out more visit or call Tara at 951-816-2818.