January 2018 - CPHA: Year In Review
Written by by Jeni Brown, CPHA president
Saturday, 30 December 2017 00:44
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Strong support and participation lead to a terrific year for professional association.

by Jeni Brown, CPHA president

The California Professional Horsemen’s Association and the CPHA Foundation have had a wonderful 2017 thanks to the support and participation of our phenomenal membership of over 900 horsemen.

We started the year in January at our annual Banquet, celebrating some amazing recipients. This is always a wonderful evening and a special opportunity to recognize and congratulate our members on some of their accomplishments.

CPHA's Jeni Brown & Ruthie Frazier

The winter circuit at HITS Coachella brought some record numbers for our popular medal classes. When we have such great numbers in the CPHA Foundation Medal and the WCE Medal it helps to fill our coffers to have funds to aid those in need. Every member who joins, and every rider who enters the class, sends a little money back to help fund our association for the benefit of our professional members. Please keep entering, they are great classes with wonderful finals; and we give a year-end award for the top riders in those classes throughout the year so it is great to keep doing them all year long.

All our Medal Finals were popular, successful and enjoyable for our members. We are so grateful to host them at amazing venues with top notch courses, judges, management, sponsors and beautiful awards.

We had our Regional Medal Finals for the CPHA Ch/Am and the CPHA Horsemanship Final up north at the HMI June Classic at the Sonoma Horse Park, and down south at the October Gold Coast at LAEC. The classes and finals are great for the eq riders just getting familiar with the medal classes, we have one at 2’6” and one at 3”. The qualifying classes are offered at lots of shows during the year so be sure to get qualified and put the Finals on your calendar as a destination!

Our CPHA Jr/Am classes at 3’6” are doing great. We changed our specs so that the class can fill with only three riders completing the course. This will help some of you at the smaller shows to still get the practice you want at this height. Please check specs for point breakdown and qualification criteria.  The CPHA Jr/Am Medal Finals held in the covered arena at the Blenheim Summer Classic in August are a great start to the medal finals season.

They are challenging courses in a great venue, and a fun experience for Juniors and Amateurs. The Amateur class was larger this year: it is so nice for them to have an equitation Final at 3’6” where they can really show their stuff!

The CPHA Foundation Finals were held at the Showpark Summer Classic and had record numbers of over 120 riders this year. We do three age breaks, with two days of amazing competition for riders of all levels of experience. If you are stepping up to the 3’3” you will definitely learn a lot about what these finals feel like, and if you are experienced, you and your horse can really show the judges how well you work together. The equitation tests are in the course and give you an extra opportunity to show your skills.

The CPHA Green Hunter Incentive Program is also growing. This year we had almost 50 horses enrolled in the program and the Championship Class held at the Blenheim Fall Tournament offered over $30,000 in prize money as well as special bonuses for the top owners and riders through out the year. This is a great program and a way for the young hunters, and the professionals who train and ride them, to be well recognized and rewarded for their hard work. If you have a 3’ or 3’3” Green Hunter be sure to join them to the incentive early and enjoy the stake classes offered throughout the year.

The CPHA Foundation WCE Finals were held again at the Las Vegas National Show. This is a challenging and exciting competition for equitation riders in the jumper ring at 1.10m. The class is well structured to provide the riders and their horses an opportunity to effectively, efficiently and cleanly conquer the course, all in a beautiful equitation style. It is a special show and a chance for the next generation of riders to show off their abilities right alongside the best riders in the world.  If you compete at this level this is definitely a Final you don’t want to miss!

The CPHA helped the CPHA Foundation with some successful fundraisers this year. We would really like to thank all of you who have supported us at our events. The tables at the CPHA Jr/Am Finals, the Mega Bucks Raffle, the amazing events at the Flintridge Autumn Classic, and your generous donations through out the year have all helped raise money for professionals in need. We have been able to offer aid to members who have suffered from accidents and illness, as well as natural disasters like fire. We also were able to give out five great scholarships to some very deserving recipients.

Thank you all so much! We look forward to seeing you in 2018, please feel free to contact myself or any of the CPHA board members if you have any ideas or suggestions to improve our association. We are here for you!

Happy New Year!
Jeni Brown