July 2015 - Pill Paste for Horses
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Thursday, 02 July 2015 01:43
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Marshall Pet Products debuted Pill Paste for Horses under the Earth’s Balance brand at the 2015 Global Pet Expo.

Marshall Pets launched new Pill Paste for Horses this year at the pet industry’s largest annual trade show. It’s the newest addition to the company’s successful Pill Paste product line, which helps horse caretakers “hide the bitter taste” and administer pills and capsules with ease.

New Pill Paste for Horses is formulated with mint, which horses love and seek out in the wild. Like the other Pill Paste products, it is highly palatable, covers any size pill, and easily wraps pills with no stickiness and no mess. It’s the newest addition to a product line comprised of tasty Bacon or Peanut Butter for dogs, Bacon for cats, and Wheat-Free Bacon for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies.

Clever pill-hiding Pill Paste doesn’t crumble, won’t dry out, doesn’t stick to fingers, and covers any size pill—unlike the competition. The original Pill Paste won a 2013 Pet Business Industry Recognition Award in the Dog Healthcare Category.

Since 1993, Marshall Pet Products has provided innovative pet solutions for cats, dogs, birds, horses, rabbits, hamsters, ferrets, gerbils and guinea pigs. Top brands include Earth’s Balance, GoodBye Odor, 180XT, Pet Solutions and Good Mews. Marshall is committed to continually developing new products to enhance the special bond that pet owners have with their pets. The company was recognized with two Pet Business Industry Recognition Awards and one BlogPaws Award in 2012 and one Pet Business Industry Recognition Award in 2013.

Press release provided by Marshall Pet Products. For more information, visit www.marshallpet.com. Products can be purchased from www.earthsbalance.com.