July 2015 - Power To The People
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Thursday, 02 July 2015 01:47
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Popular equine supplement, APF Pro, now available for human athletes, too.

Auburn Laboratories, Inc. has been a recognized leader in equine sports nutrition for nearly two decades. The company’s animal formulas, APF and APF Pro, have helped nourish some of the world’s finest equine and canine athletes, and have earned a reputation as uniquely valuable supplements with the highest quality natural ingredients made under a meticulous quality control process.

Building on this foundation, Auburn Laboratories, Inc. will be introducing APF Pro Sport to the human sports nutrition market this summer. APF Pro Sport, like its counterpart, APF Pro, is designed to protect athletes from the damaging effects of stress, while simultaneously improving the positive benefits gained during training. APF Pro Sport will help you stay healthy while performing at your best. APF Pro Sport will be available in limited amounts directly from Auburn Laboratories, Inc. and from select dealers.

APF Pro Sport contains the adaptogenic herbs: Eleutherococcus senticosus, Rhodiola rosea, Schizandra chinensis, Aralia mandschurica, Rhaponticum carthamoides. As with horses, these unique herbs provide several benefits to humans. They create a powerful anti-catabolic action to help build and maintain skeletal muscle, support the immune system during intense or chronic stress and spur optimal glucose uptake and use in muscle cells. They help the body make better use of fats for long-term energy production, improve and protect mitochondrial efficiency and help delay the onset of fatigue during exercise. APF Pro Sport helps with recovery after exertion and delivers a powerful anti-oxidant activity.

Because every athlete’s routine is different, APF Pro Sport is formulated as a concentrated water-alcohol tincture that allows for individualized dosing. “Sometimes life is a day at the beach, and sometimes it is a grueling 24-hour stretch that tests your endurance,” notes APF’s Joy Van Noy. “With APF Pro Sport you can adjust your serving to fit your day. Besides, we knew that you didn’t want or need sugary drinks, or ones that are artificially sweetened and loaded with chemicals, to get your game on. If you’re a health nut, like we are, you want only the good stuff.” APF Pro Sport is easy to add to smoothies, organic juices or mix with fresh water.

Article provided by Auburn Laboratories. For more information, call 877-661-3505 or visit www.auburnlabs.com.