July 2015 - Chaffhaye
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Thursday, 02 July 2015 01:49
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Premium alfalfa haylage is made to maximize nutrient absorption.

Chaffhaye, a fresh-chopped forage feed for horses, may sound new but it is actually produced using a process over a thousand years old. Chaffhaye is a premium alfalfa haylage. Within hours of harvest, while still fresh, Chaffhaye is chopped, lightly misted with molasses and compressed into air-tight bags. The special Chaffhaye bag acts as a natural fermentation vat, similar to the digestive process that occurs in the hindgut of a horse.

Unlike cows and other ruminants, a horse’s digestive system is not designed in the most efficient manner. In both ruminants and horses, the stomach is most efficient at absorbing nutrients. For the ruminants, feed is first broken down by fermentation, then passed to the stomach. When the feed enters the stomach it has already been broken down through fermentation and is very absorbable.

In a horse, the feed first goes to the stomach. At this point it has not been broken down enough to make it readily absorbable in the stomach. Accordingly, most of the nutrients flow out of the stomach and into the hindgut fermentation vat where they are made available for digestion by bacterial fermentation. More nutrients are absorbed in the hindgut, but many are lost because the hindgut is not as efficient as the foregut in nutrient absorption. So a better design for horses would be, put the hindgut and fermentation first to condition the feed, then let the stomach and foregut do the absorption. In effect, Chaffhaye does that.

In the bag, Chaffhaye undergoes a fermentation process similar to what happens in the hindgut of a horse. When the horse eats Chaffhaye it is already “predigested” and the stomach and foregut can extract much more nutrition with less spilling into the hindgut, where most colic and metabolic issues occur.

The molasses added to Chaffhaye serves as a food source for the beneficial bacteria that break down the plant matter. But the molasses does not make Chaffhaye a sweet feed. The process of fermentation uses up more sugar and starch than what is added with the molasses, making it a safe option for horses with laminitis, founder or other metabolic issues.

Respiratory problems from dust and mold spores affect many horses, especially performance horses.  Chaffhaye, being a moist product, eliminates airborne dust and mold spores from your horse’s feed. The soft texture of Chaffhaye and easy digestibility make it a good choice for senior horses. Because Chaffhaye is packaged in weather proof bags, it can be stored outside and is easily transported. Chaffhaye is also certified Non-GMO.

Chaffhaye can be fed to any animal that needs a forage diet. These include goats, sheep, deer, llamas, alpacas, rabbits and exotics.

Article provided by Chaffhaye. For more information, visit www.chaffhaye.com.