July 2015 - NASC’s Quality Seal
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Thursday, 02 July 2015 01:51
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The National Animal Supplement Council assures quality of process and product in a crowded market.

Twenty years ago there were only a handful of companies producing horse supplements. Today equestrians have many choices. Since 2002, the National Animal Supplement Council is on a mission to set standards for supplement companies to give consumers assurance that the products they select for their horses are high quality and beneficial. Much like the Good House Keeping Seal, the NASC has worked long and hard for 13 years to create and implement comprehensive quality standards and audit programs that must be met for companies to use the NASC Seal.

Many in the supplement business are happy to see the NASC create standards and are proudly putting the seal on their product labels, once they have passed a rigorous quality audit. The NASC is encouraging consumers who buy supplements for their animals to look for the seal and, if it’s not on there, to ask why not.

The NASC has membership categories for Primary Suppliers, Preferred Suppliers and all programs have been developed with input from regulatory agencies. All members are vetted in a direct interview before they can join NASC, so they clearly understand what the requirements of the organization are and the standards they are required to uphold. Through their independent quality audit, they verify that their members have implemented and are using all systems to ensure the products they provide meet the highest standards in the industry. A company cannot simply pay money and be allowed to use the NASC Quality Seal. Together NASC companies make the industry better and help millions of animals daily with their products.

Part of the NASC’s consumer outreach is marketing to consumers with two new websites – www.pethealthlive.com and www.horsehealthlive.com. The websites will be a one stop resource for answering health questions from pet and horse owners. They want the websites to be the “go-to” and trusted source for information about dogs, cats and horses.

To learn more about NASC, visit www.nasc.cc and sign up for the newsletters at www.pethealthlive.com and www.horsehealthlive.com.