July 2015 - Sweet Pro Feeds
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Thursday, 02 July 2015 01:53
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Fermented supplements lead the way to more efficient equine health.

In today’s generation of non-molasses fermented feeds and supplements, every process and ingredient is geared toward supporting nutrient utilization in the digestive tract. This, in turn, reflects itself in horse health, performance and feed efficiency -- all while being affordable for the horse owner.

Leading edge fermented supplements, such as EquiPride® and EquiLix® from SweetPro Feeds of Walhalla, ND, are designed to minimize the need for a wide variety of specific supplements. The goal of these “all-in-one” vitamin, mineral and digestive aids is to supplement forage and help support feed utilization.

Part of the overall fermented blend (known as ProBiotein™ in the EquiPride and Equilix supplements) consists of yeast. Yeast excretes a beneficial enzyme that is used to break down sugar created from starch in the grain. Yeast also provides nutrilites for the body and is an excellent source of B vitamins for hooves.

Protein isolates provide a broad amino acid profile with special value in sulfur amino acids. Sulfur is a key constituent of cartilage, tendon and ligament tissue, influencing bone cover, elasticity and lubricity. Efficient delivery of this key component influences joint function; this is why there has been so much attention paid to specific additives such as methionine, glucosamine and condroitin sulfate. The horse’s body produces these compounds itself, but needs to do so from their component parts.

Also included in the blend is Omega 3 fatty acid from flax. This assures that at least 10 percent of total fat is Omega 3. The anti-inflammatory characteristics of Omega 3 bring a needed balance to other fatty acids and help counteract inflammation in the horse’s joints, hoof wall and throughout the body. In addition to Omega 3 fatty acids, flax provides lignans which also help support the immune system.

Prebiotic oligosaccharides, (dietary fibers) are also part of this technological breakthrough in fermented feed supplements. These prebiotic fibers feed and maintain healthy probiotic populations naturally designed to function in the digestive tract. Along with multiple classes of digestive enzymes, they help improve equine feed utilization by 25 percent.

Feeding for Better Health and Performance

These new fermented supplements are not represented as pharmaceutical. Neither are they standard nutraceutical, because compounds are not isolated. They are first a vitamin and mineral supplement and secondly an effective digestive aid. Because healing and nutrition are partners, successfully supporting nutrition helps provide the horse’s body better “tools” to heal itself.

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