December 2015 - Spooktacular Time with Friends of Lisa
Written by Cassidy Gallman
Saturday, 28 November 2015 04:29
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Fun Halloween show has special meaning this year.

report and photos by Cassidy Gallman

“Dressage shows are boring,” said no one ever and certainly not when in connection with the third annual Spooktacular dressage show presented by Crackerjack Productions at the Del Mar Horsepark. This show has been this year, and every year since its creation, a highly anticipated event. I would even dare to say more so than the Halloween holiday itself.

Alis Carbone-Custom Saddlery Fitter-with her Friends of Lisa Silent Auction Item - a free saddle fitting.

A spicy taco helping out at the auction.

Theos didn’t participate in the freestyles but wanted to join in the fun.

Wednesday Addams and Thor - CrackerJack Productions family.

At Spooktacular, riders are encouraged and rewarded for expressing their individuality and creativity. Lisa Blaufuss, creator of Spooktacular, show manager extraordinaire and owner of Crackerjack Productions, offers a relay race, dog costume contest, Spooktacular Halloween party in the tent (which was spectacular), and, the absolute favorite, a costume musical freestyle class and a costume musical Pas de Deux freestyle class. The show staff even gets into costume and character! There is something for everyone to participate in and it’s a complete blast to watch.

Spooktacular is without a doubt the social event of the show season for amateurs and professionals alike.

But, this year it meant something more to the whole community. It meant standing with our friend Lisa.

Lisa Blaufuss - Show Manager extraordinaire - CrackerJack Productions.

Kate Shuster - a Friend of Lisa.

Nici Boon - Ring Steward legend as Morticia Addams.

Kate Shuster looking for her prince during the costume freestyle competition.

Earlier this year, Lisa Blaufuss was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer. This was devastating news because Lisa was previously pronounced cancer free in 2013 after battling breast cancer for three years. The cancer had returned.

However, the cancer is not in charge. Lisa is and Lisa is fighting because she is strong and she is not alone. She has Friends. When word spread of Lisa’s diagnosis, 12 beautiful women started Friends of Lisa. On Friends of Lisa’s website,, it states that, “Friends of Lisa is a community committed to raising funds to defray the costs of cancer treatment for our friend, Lisa Blaufuss. We are committed to supporting her in every way – physically, mentally and spiritually, as she fights to regain her health.”

Lisa’s cancer is a serious and tricky one that requires expensive specialty treatment that she could need to be on for the rest of her life. We all want Lisa to be around for long time and this is why Spooktacular meant more than just the social event of the year. This year, Spooktacular was personal. Nici Boon, resurrected her masterful ring stewarding and freestyle costume creating services for a price, all donated for Lisa. Local young rider, Kate Cassidy, choreographed and set freestyles to music for a cost, all for Lisa. Spooktacular also played host to a silent auction benefiting Friends of Lisa and a portion of the show proceeds benefitted Pacific Cancer Fitness. This show and its manager mean something to this community. This show showed that. This year, Spooktacular filled four arenas, making it the largest it had ever been. Riders and trainers came from all over San Diego, Los Angeles and beyond. Some came to prepare for the new show season but most came to support Lisa.

Having fun under our show whites.

Pirate Kate Cassidy and her horse Pellegrini.

Friends of Lisa Silent Auction.

A patriotic Pas de duex costume freestyle.

When Spooktacular was over, I asked Lisa what her favorite part of the show is and she said, “I really enjoy everything about Spooktacular,” however, “my favorite part of the show though is being out and about on the show grounds seeing how much people smile and laugh throughout the weekend. It warms my heart and tells me I’m on the right path.”

Kate Shuster’s Prince Charming and Lisa Blaufuss.

A unicorn and his dog - the costume freestyle competition.

A pink panther themed Pas de Deux costume Freestyle.

It warms our heart, too, Lisa and you are absolutely on the right path.

We are all Friends of Lisa. Are you?

Visit for information on how you can help.









The Spooktacular fun continued with a Halloween party hosted by Tina Caldwell Dressage. Tina’s clients helped out, along with great contributions from sponsors La Jolla Laser Clinic, Michael Caldwell & Marilyn Weakly, Sean Caddell, Rebecca Rigdon and David Blake, Laura Maloney and show organizer Lisa Blaufuss. These five photos provided by Tina Caldwell.