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Tuesday, 01 March 2016 08:10
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Equinox Equestrian Center celebrates 10th anniversary.

Equinox Equestrian Center launched in January 2006 with a dream to provide premium horse care for three-day eventers. A decade later, Equinox Equestrian Center (EEC) has grown to become a first-class facility complete with all the amenities and state-of-the-art equipment for the care and training of eventing and dressage horses.

Nina Winternheimer riding Poeme at Equinox Equestrian Center.

Located in the San Fernando Valley’s Sun Valley, Equinox Equestrian Center is owned and operated by active riders with a dedication and passion for the care and well-being of their horses. The 33-acre Center features the latest technology in horse care and training facilities for customers who wish to board their horses and train with top-class trainers.

In their tenth year of business, Equinox Equestrian Center continues to utilize a team approach to ensure the well-being of each rider and his or her horse. With a state-of-the-art barn, two arenas, including a covered arena, plus top-notch amenities, the facility was designed from the ground up with safety and comfort in mind for both horse and rider.

From rubber-lined flooring to cushion horses’ leg strain to a customer lounge complete with wide-screen media viewing, Equinox Equestrian Center is more like a resort for equestrian lovers. The Center’s function and style is a product of careful consideration, planning and design.

Keeping the Center well maintained is a priority for the Equinox team. Hay and shavings must be top quality, moisture levels in the footing are monitored and adjusted, and arenas are dragged daily to maintain evenness. Together, a team of highly dedicated staff work toward the common goal of maintaining the facility and providing expert horse care and training. EEC’s team of grooms are well educated in horse science. All are riders who are passionate about their work. There is staff on the property 24/7 with experienced grooms and barn maintenance crew living on the property.

Karen Bristing, owner and active eventer at the Preliminary Level says, “We have had the usual trials and tribulations of owning our own equestrian facility, especially during the economic downturn. However, we have several clients that have been with us from the beginning and it’s fun and rewarding to watch their progress. We have a great group of clients and staff. Going to work every day feels like hanging out with extended family. We love having a full barn of great people and horses.”

Suzanne Pastor brought with her more than 20 years of management experience in the entertainment industry when she joined Equinox Equestrian Center as Barn Manager in 2013. That, coupled with her passion as a lifelong equestrienne and horse owner, gives her the background and skills to manage a facility like Equinox. Suzanne has done endurance riding, competed as a event rider, and is currently working on completing her USDF bronze medal in dressage.

Gina Economou has been EEC’s eventing trainer since opening day. Having trained with Gina for over 12 years, Karen says, “I feel I have grown so much as a rider and barn owner with Gina’s guidance. Having Gina live just down the road where she maintains her own training facility comes in handy as well!” A dedicated and passionate trainer, Gina’s greatest satisfaction comes from fostering a successful horse-rider relationship and watching her students grasp the simple yet intricate concepts involved in riding a three-day event horse.

Nina Winternheimer is originally from Sweden and joined Equinox Equestrian Center as a dressage-only trainer in 2008. Nina is a Grand Prix rider and a USDF gold medalist. She offers quality training for riders who are looking for correct education for themselves and their horses. Nina enjoys the satisfaction of watching her clients meet their personal goals and progress through the levels.

Article provided by Equinox Equestrian Center. For more information visit or call 818-767-3200.