March 2015 - Lacquered Horse
Written by CRM
Monday, 02 March 2015 01:44
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New equine boutique helps horses and riders dress with customized individuality and elegance, flair and functionality.

MasterMind’s Jill Navy Shirt and White/Silver Crown Breeches - JUDI Vienna Bracelet, Paris Classic Royal Crystal AB and Sam Dog Collar.

Dazzle appears to be fixture, not fad, in the equestrian world and Lacquered Horse owner, Lynette Wallace, couldn’t be happier about that. As a rider herself and the mom of accomplished young dressage rider, Hannah Rosas, Lynette has spent a lot of horse show downtime tracking down quality, rider-tested apparel items and irresistible accessories, for horse and riders in all disciplines.

California is the cutting edge for many aspects of modern society and Lynette wants it to be so for equestrian fashion, too. Lacquered Horse is a mobile tack, personal shopping service and online retailer developed to “offer riders something new that they are excited about,” she explains. “Grab a fresh new dress shirt for everyday or work, then change into your fun new show shirt or maybe a fun new fall blazer.

“Lacquered Horse is not just for the rider,” she continues. “The jewelry line-up will impress as a Mother’s Day gift.  Belts are sure to catch the eye for the fashionistas and don’t forget a matching dog collar and leash. Matching armbands for your boyfriend or husband, or use your barn’s colors and Swarovski stones to design a custom browband.  It’s purely fun and beautiful to design your brand with brilliant, eye-catching tack and it’s a great way to get noticed.”

Fior Da Liso Saddle Pad - JUDI Famous Crystal AB Browband - JUDI Tendon Boots and Bell Boots - Fior Da Liso Daria Shirt - JUDI Crystal AB Stock Pin and Bracelet - MasterMind White/Silver Crown Full Seat Breeches - JUDI Sam Dog Collar.

Her favorite customizable brand is the JUDI line from the Netherlands. Its fame is sweeping Europe now and Lacquered Horse has brought the company to the West Coast. “They offer handcrafted, high-quality goods with an unbeatable three-year guarantee,” she says. “We all want the browbands seen on Olympic horses and now we can have them, along with several choices of bracelets, belts, browbands, halters, dog collars and leg care. All are made of top quality leather with your choice of colorful and elegant Swarovski crystals. The products are customizable in ways only limited by the imagination. “JUDI can do pretty much anything you can think of,” Lynette says of a process that allows customers a great deal of creative expression.

On the apparel side, The Lacquered Horse carries lovely breeches, show shirts and sporty show jacket from MasterMind, formerly Nathalie Equestrian Apparel. Lynette selected MasterMind‘s breeches and show jacket because of their high tech Schoeller special technology fabric. The breeches fabric is the super soil and stain resistant Schoeller Nanosphere fabric. The very comfortable show jacket is made of Schoeller’s 3XDRY – “an amazing fabric that is waterproof, stain proof, and very breathable.” Lynette says. “Finally, breeches and a show jacket you can launder and toss in a low heat dryer for just a few minutes!”

Lacquered Horse’s selection of Fior Da Liso, Germany’s Schockemohle Sports, compliments the line-up with quality casual shirts to show shirts and equestrian textiles. Fresh new spring colors and exciting new fall jackets and blazers are soon to fill the West Coast in colors and patterns that complement a range of mix and match options. Matching saddle pads, ear bonnets and bandages highlight the company’s collection of equestrian apparel.

As a personal shopper with a lifelong background with horses, Lynette is excited to be a liaison between fellow equestrians and the myriad possibilities that exist to dress with individuality and elegance, flair and functionality and to have fun.

For more information, visit or call 760-814-5048.