May 2015 - Rainbow Royal
Written by CRM
Saturday, 02 May 2015 02:17
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Special breeds strut their stuff.

Josie Croasmun with her filly, A Fabulous Dream, a 3 year old Azteca.

Isis Cen owned by Monique and Alan Butts shown by Lauren LaVine, head trainer at LaVine Equestrian. Isis won Andalusian Mares, amateur to handle with Josie Croasmun and best movement handled by Lauren LaVine.

Presented by the California Show Horse Organization, the Rainbow Royal Horse Show took place March 28-29 at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center. True to its name, the competition drew horses of all breeds and colors: Andalusians, Friesians, Saddlebreds, Gypsy and various crosses of each. Thanks to trainer Lauren La Vine for providing these photos of her students and horses in action. Lauren’s La Vine Equestrian is located at LAEC and she is a key player in the colorful world of these beautiful special breeds and their enthusiasts. Photos by Cheryl, Josie and Sydney Croasmun.

The California Show Horse Organization seeks to “preserve, promote, maintain and improve the purity of the Andalusian breed, which includes the Spanish, Spanish/Portuguese and Portuguese Horse and the Friesian Horse,” says its website.

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Taylor Longfellow and Shilo won the Academy Walk/Trot Pleasure and received a 2nd in Academy Walk/Trot Equitation.

Bailee Knechtel riding her Pony Shilo with Lauren LaVine (mother). Bailee is 22 months old and loves her pony.

Josie Croasmun on her horse Portos.

Sydney Croasmun and the Friesian, Yrik Z.

Josie Croasmun and trainer Lauren LaVine pose with judges after winning the Pro-Am class.

Michelle Bina competed in the the Opportunity and USEF English classes with the Dutch Warmblood Vander Cabot.

Sydney Croasmun and Robosto AF owned by Amandalsusian Farms winning the Andalusian Western Youth.